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From the Kip Noll Story:

Kip Noll

Kip Noll has been called the first twink superstar of gay pornography.

Kip Noll-Blond-Twink-Surfer-Boy

I think of twinks as softer looking but it seems most people do use twink for smooth rough trade.

Kip Noll-Blond-Porn-Star

Kip Noll-Blond-Pornographic-Actor


Kip Noll, also Kip Knoll was an American pornographic actor who appeared in gay pornographic films and magazines in the 1970s and 1980s.

Kip Noll-Twink-Rough-Trade

Noll, who was a lean-muscled, shaggy-haired, free-spirited surfer type, achieved iconic status in the newly liberated gay culture of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Kip Noll-Twink-Rough-Trade-Brother

He was a young hustler and stripper in gay clubs in New York City during his teen years.

Kip Noll-Twink-Stud

He performed in both the top and bottom roles.


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