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Larry Frisbee (Classically Homoerotic)

Vintage nude photograph of Larry Frisbee standing in an imaginary gay-friendly past.

Vintage John Davidson

Naked Men Wrestling

All About Balls

Testicles, not objects that bounce. Another pretext for displaying photographs of naked men's genitals.

Play the Fun Penis Game

Can you match the cock to the male porn star's face?

Photographs of Jean-Robert LeCocq

Jean-Robert LeCocq was a boyish yet manly nude male model popular in gay magazines during the 1980s.

Pillow Fight

Two boys having a pillow fight in their underwear. Drawing by Femdom fetish artist Eric Stanton.

Kip Noll

Kip Noll: blond, lean but muscular surfer boy type who was an early star - icon? - of gay male pornographic movies.

Sexy Muscle Boys Wrestling

Two almost naked young men grapple (Vintage Beefcake).

The Naked Men of 1973

The Body: early 1970s photographs of naked men. Vintage gay erotica.

Naked Men in the Sun

1968 magazine - Mr. Sun - vintage photographs of nude men in the beach, body painting, wrestling.

Boxing Magazines

Were the illustrated covers of old boxing magazines erotica for gay men?

Hispanic Homoerotic

Nude hispanic guy wearing a giiant sombrero in this innocent photograph of days long and happily gone.

Vintage Gay Basketball Porn

Basket Practice, 1978. George Conover and Rex Wolfe.

More Naked Italian Young Men

Sexy Italian youths: Mario, Enzo, Vincenzo, Stefano, Renato nude.

Nude Relfections

Nude reflections of naked gay men in mirrors.


Gay manhandlers want to touch and fondle your naked body!

Too Hot to Handle

Too Hot to Handled published male erotic photography considered to intense or explicit for In Touch magazine.

Italian Boys

Vintage nude photographs of young male models in Italy.

Physical Man, Naked Man

Joey, David and Don: vintage naked male models.

The Magazine of Young Men

Vintage male nudes in Youth : The Magazine of Young Men and For Men Who Think Young.

Sexy Tommy Jones

Nude photos of a quintessential 1970s beautiful All-American hippie boy male model.

Male Athletic Nudist

All male - gay? - nudist camp photographs. Including male nudist volleyball.

Studies in Masculine Art

Body Beautiful painting inspires Fizeek Art Quarterly drawing.

The Rawhide Male

Vintage photos of masculine cowboys in The Rawhide Male : portraits of the rugged man.

Bold! Twinks

1970s erotic photographs of slender and smooth males.

Bold! Men

Bold! - a 1970s magazine of male nude photography, vintage hunks.

Muscle Tone

1970s vintage gay magazine featuring photographs of handsome naked men.

Vintage Bodybuilder With a Whip

Vintage posing strap model with a whip in his hands.

Tomorrow's Man : Vintage Bodybuilding Magazine

Bodybuilding magazine were once popular with gay men for the photographs of semi-naked muscular men.

Tomorrow's Man : Successful Bodybuilding

Build New Muscle By Summer!

Tomorrow's Man Special

Vintage bodybuilding magazine's special edition with usual male model posing on cover.

Tomorrow's Man : America's Best Physiques

Tomorrow's Man was a vintage physique magazine featuring semi-naked photos of male bodybuilders.

Nude Guitar Player

Naked guitar player is cover photograph of vintage physique magazine The Young Physique.

What Do You Say To a Naked Banjo Player

So naturally here are two photographs of a young man playing the banjo in the nude.

Beautiful Blond Boy of Days Gone Bye

Handsome, clean-cut youth with pleasing body. Photograph of vintage model Rob Chapman.

Vintage Homoerotic New Year

Vintage posing strap model magazine New Year's Day cover photograph.

Posing Strap Model Bondage

Vintage male physique models wearing posing straps wrapping another man with rope.

Larry Scott : Demi-God

Demi-Gods, vintage physique magazine, with a cover featuring legendary bodybuilder Larry Scott.

Young Physique

Adonis Magazine and Body Beautiful merged into The Young Physique male photography 'zine.

Another Beautiful Male Body

Body Beautiful : Studies in Masculine Art vintage magazine cover.

Homoerotic Hercules

Olympian God Hercules - nude - slaying the Hydra.

American Manhood

The muscle building and physical culture magazine (vintage beefcake homoerotica).

Cowboy Hunk

Handsome smiling cowboy with a beautiful body.


Homoerotic vintage male physique illustration - magazine cover.

Physique Pictorial Recreated

Homage to the Athletic Model Guild magazine covers.


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