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America's Foremost Female Impersonator

Mr Jackie Hayes was a celebrated professional transvestite, drag queen if you must.

Transvestite Dreams & Fantasies

Vintage crossdressing and feminization mail order magazine published the fantasies of many crossdressers.

Two Transvestite Marriages

Two vintage publications demonstrating the ordinary, conventional desires some crossdressers really have.

Transvestite Model (Transvestia)

Crossdresser presentation: chick with a dick, genuine girl, man in a dress - problematic.

Transsexual Science Fiction & Fantasy

Thrill to stories like Aliens Stole My Sex, XY/XX Metamorphosis, A Prison of Flesh

Femme Mimics - The Other - #1

Vintage 1950s fanzine about men who wore dresses, guys in skirts professionally.

Femme Mimics #1

First issue of a transvestism 'zine that unhappily promised Jerks in Skirts, Clowns in Gowns.

Female Mimics #1

First issue of a magazine for fans of The World's Foremost Female Impersonators (Transvestites, Crossdressers, Draq Queens).

Queens in Drag

Old gay paperback about female impersonators.

Queen's Delight

This male queen's delight is female lingerie and underwear.

The Satin Prince

Novel of either a gay crossdresser or a heterosexual feminized sissy male (to use their jargon).

Cherchez la Femme ... in Drag

Transvestite illustration (?) by Eric Stanton.


Hermaphrodite or intersexual fiction by Fred Pohl and Cyril Kornbluth writing as Jordan Park.

Guys in Gowns

Transvestite fantasy art by Eric Stanton.

Boys in Panties

Many men want to be feminized and sissyfied.

Sissyfication Fiction

Humiliation though forced feminization.

TV Hostage

Feminization fiction?


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