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Perhaps the now abandoned association of gay male sexuality with the word twilight began with AndrĂ© Tellier’s novel, Twilight Men. For such an uncommon work of gay prose fiction by a forgotten author the book saw a few editions.

Most recently, academic reprint house Greenberg.

Twilight Men Greenberg Rerprint

Original Marvel Comics publisher Martin Goodman’s Lion Library edition is the cover most commonly reproduced. The Story of a Homosexual was surely shocking at the time.

Andre Tellier's Twlight Men, Lion Books

Pyramid Books admitted:

They lived in fear, loved in secret.

Twilight Men, Pyramid Books

The earliest - first? - edition has my favorite cover. Some will object that they a effeminate gay male stereotypes but I like feminine gay guys.

Twilight Men, First Edition

I’ve never read the book. You?

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Twilight Men.


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