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My apologies. The Playgirl magazine number one I featured in an earlier note wasn’t the publication that I thought it was. Here’s the cover of the first issue of the famous and recently deceased Playgirl:

Playgirl Magazine, Volume One, Number One

Playgirl’s first celebrity was Lyle Waggoner best known for playing Steve Trevor on the Wonder Woman television show. I have to say I never thought him sexy or a worthwhile leading man. More in the Adam West, unintentionally funny class. His availability may have been a consideration in his selection.

Lyle Waggoner Playgirl Magazine's first issue.

Playgirl’s first male centerfold was Ryan MacDonald:

Ryan MacDonald, Playgirl Magazine Number 1.

I include this smooth blond hunk from the subscription coupon page only because he is more to my taste than any of the above.

Playgirl Magazine Subscription Coupon.

I confess a small bit of discomfort. Playgirl for a long time denied having a readership of gay men. Without the gay male audience Playgirl might not have made it past 1973.

More realistically I realize that for many gay guys it was probably the only source of male nudity in their lives. And those nude boys and men were doubtlessly the stars of their erotic fantasies. And sexual fantasy should never be despised.

Perhaps Playgirl magazine was at some period in time important to you.


Weird to think that absolute blonde hottie is probably DEAD FROM OLD AGE NOW.

Pity ‘cause I think I’m in love!

Here is an article I came across about a former model coming out and intersting text explaining Playgirls thoughts on why it was a woman’s mag and why they didnt acknowledge gay readers at the time and later why they say they don’t deny it has gay readers. ITs very interesting

I also forgot to comment on Lyle Waggoner. I can understand why you did not see him as a leading man. He was not that great of an actor I agree but you would have to had watched him on the Carole Burnett show to have seen why he was sexy. It was that show where his popularity as a sexy symbol happened and it did not carry over on the Wonderwoman Show.

And the person who commented that the blonde could be dead of old age now. Well Playgirl began in 1973. The blonde could be 21. He does look young to me so he could very well be 57 yrs old which is not old age and not many die at that age.

I think as much as anything my response is strongly colored by my feeling he was inappropriate as an action hero type. It is easy to see how different he would seem in a ensemble like the Carole Burnett Show.

Thanks for the comments and the link. All are appreciated.

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