David Keith Miller

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Playgirl Magazine March 1977 had the celebrity cover common at the time, in this instance John Travolta.

Playgirl Magazine : John Travolta.

Muscular blond young man David Keith Miller had less than a dozen photographs published in Playgirl but that has proven enough to leave him with a small, passionate cult following.

David Keith Miller, muscular blond boy in Playgirl magazine.

David Miller was presented as a football jock and former Marine. Not that anyone cared if the claims were true. They were mostly meant to be the basis for fantasy.

David Keith Miller was presented as a football jock in Playgirl.

His nude centerfold has been cited as Playgirl Magazine’s first erection. I have no idea.

David Keith Miller, nude centerfold in Playgirl.

Like many young male models of the 1970s he vanished without a trace.

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