Man's Greatest Tragedy and Fear!

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Man Divided:

He had to chose - a half world or a world of woman’s love.

Half world was a not uncommon code phrase for homosexual. The use of woman rather than women surprised me but the reference must be to a specific heterosexual romance failing.

A novel that explores with honesty a man’s greatest tragedy - and fear.

It is I who have divided feelings. Being gay was surely awful tough back then but having never known shame for my sexuality and having accepted my father’s rejection sympathy is very hard for me to actually feel.

Fear. Fear is certainly what is behind so much homophobia.

Man afraid he is a homosexual.

Divided. Is the man is supposed to be bisexual? Then he need not choose anything but enjoy males and females.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Man's Greatest Tragedy and Fear!.


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Man's Greatest Tragedy and Fear!
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