Gay Rape

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That some gay men have fantasies of being raped is no surprise and Gay Rape: Forced … Sexual Acts catered to that erotic inclination.

Gay Male Rape Fantasies.

I suspect fantasies of being taken ‘against’ your will are especially common among gay males who have grown up surrounded by homophobic heterosexual people and have no examples of men who happily and openly desire other guys.

Thankfully the friends I’ve had with rape fantasies turned out just fine.


Huh. From what I’ve read, it seems that a lot of straight guys have fantasies about being raped by gay men. I understand that - it’s a way to explore without worrying about having permission, or admitting that you’re doing something, you know, gay.

But I’m not sure what gay men get out of being raped by straight guys.

Perhaps because straight men are the only examples of men with which to have sex.

Perhaps because the boys in school that a young gay man fantasizes about are probably all or almost all heterosexual.

Some gay men, much fewer than in the bad old days before Stonewall, feel that only straight guy can really be masculine.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Gay Rape.


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