Gay Male Incest?

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I’ve always found the cover of My Son … My Lover disturbing. The notion of father / son gay male incest is difficult for me to get my mind around. Not of course that it necessarily what happens in the novel. It might be Daddy / son role playing. But probably not. Very likely the publisher was misleadingly titillating the better to sell his book.

cMy Son, My Lover : a novel of gay male incest.


the more gay we have the better off we are.

Hmm, I guess it’s ok. You know. As long as he don’t mind. You know, the son. As long as he don’t mind, I think that’s ok. I guess. As long as the son don’t mind. That’s ok. That’s ok by me anyways.

I have been my father’s lover for more than ten years now and we still love to fuck one and other. My brother is also in love with the both of us and likes to fuck dad every chance he gets.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Gay Male Incest?.


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