Tab and Tony

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It was only recently that I learned that Tab Hunter and Tony Perkins were lovers. That knowledge added greatly to my pleasure when I ran across this photo of them arm in arm.

Tab Hunter and his lover Anthony Perkins

Here’s Hunter with Roddy McDowell. The latter managed to live a life of amazing discretion and inoffensiveness.

Tab Hunter with Roddy McDowell


I remember when Tab Hunter was all the rave! Tony looks great with longer hair. How sad that they all had to hide, so to speak. My mother was a great fan and she would never have thought any one of them were gay.

The top photo is NO Tab Hunter with Tony Perkins. This is Tab Hunter with dancer Rudolf Nureyev.

Regardless, I was in love with both of them and had fantasies of having them in my bed

Your feelings?

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Queer Male Romance, Affection
Tab and Tony
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