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Homosexuals From Outer-Space?

Here’s a weird bit of queer culture: appears to be the cover to a gay space opera cum romance novel. But I can’t find anything about Queerbait from Mars. Is it just a clever fake of a science fiction queer pulp?

He didn’t need a ray-gun to catch a man …

Queerbait From Mars : weird paperback cover art.

A boyfriend with green skin might be nice. I wonder how many gay men had fantasies about Mr. Spock (or for those too young to have been fond of Leonard Nimoy, the youth, Zachary Quinto, who plays young Spock).

Oh … right … that Star Trek slash fiction … but isn’t that produced by and for heterosexual girls?


Well, as a slash writer and a lesbian, I can tell you slash and yaoi both are for both men and women. And while K/S is the original slash (and is written for and by both het women—usually not girls—and for and by lesbians and men, as well as at least two transgenders I know of), slash is now all over the place. In all fandoms. I mean ALL fandoms.

If you ever find out more about this, I’d love to see it! Sounds really cool. I’ll have to do some digging to see if it’s a parody. AFAIK Ted Sturgeon wrote the first mainstream sf story in the fifties about a pair of alien lovers that Earth falls in love with, then finds out later they were both male. He got strongly castigated for that, as most sf showed homosexuals as “pathological.”

Dear ol Ted was, of course, ahead of his time.

Starshadow (author and slash writer)

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