How To Be a Gay Man

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From an early 1970s feature offering instruction on being a gay man.

Homosexual Handbook

Misinformation about sexual orientation that has mostly been dispelled but remains popular with Baptist preachers and similar ilk.

The decision on whether or not to become gay is one which can only be made by the individual, but it should be made.

As it says the issue of gay marriage has proven to be a very long, very sad and foolish struggle.

Basics are covered like cruising, the art of meeting another gay man for sex. And not getting busted by the police.

Homosexual Handbook

And the importance of touching your new partner.

Homosexual Handbook

By all means, feel free help him to get out of those uncomfortable clothes.

Homosexual Handbook

You need to learn and practice kissing.

Homosexual Handbook

These two guys have mastered it.

Homosexual Handbook

Advanced homosexualists learn there’s more than one kind of camping.

Homosexual Handbook Camping

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It looks rather sweet, really. Even though I of course agree with you that people don’t “choose” to be gay, it’s certainly the case that a young (or old) man of the 1970’s (or today) might need to really decide to try to act on his desires and go ahead and “become” gay.

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