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American Journal of Cocksucking

Gay Liberation era publication Straight to Hell magazine.

Gay Freedom

1970s gay liberation magazine using bondage art to depict the oppression of gay people by conservative social, political forces.

David, Dennis, Greg, Wally Naked

Nude photographs of male models David Keith Miller, Dennis Ellis, Greg Sarris, Wally Willemet.

The Male Movie Magazine

Skinflicks with two blond gay male pornographic film actors on the cover.

Playgirl Magazine December 1977

Rock Pamplin's photographs were featured in the 1977 Christmas issue of Playgirl.

Playgirl Magazine October 1977

Portfolio male models included Leroy E Smith Jr, Eddie Bloom and Richard Burke Davis.

Playgirl February 1977

Valentine's Day issue featured a large number of erotic male photographs.

Playgirl Magazine January 1977

James Caan celebrity cover model, Peter Scott male centerfold.

Playgirl Magazine July 1976

Playgirl centerfold of this issue was an exceptionally beautiful blond, surfer boy cum twink.

Playgirl Magazine February-March 1973

Playgirl magazine's second preview issue's featured celebrties: naked twin brother country music stars.

Larry Scott : Demi-God

Demi-Gods, vintage physique magazine, with a cover featuring legendary bodybuilder Larry Scott.

Young Physique

Adonis Magazine and Body Beautiful merged into The Young Physique male photography 'zine.

David Keith Miller

David Miller was a slender, muscular, blond golden boy first seen in the March 1977 issue of Playgirl Magazine.

The National Magazine of Closeted Gay Men

Despite homoerotic photography, features on gay celebrities After Dark was always unwilling to admit that it was a magazine with a homosexual readership.

American Apollo Number 1

First issue of a 1950s Physique Pictorial type magazine.

Interracial Boyfriends

Vintage gay skin mag with a white guy and a black guy in an affectionate embrace.

Two Asian Guys Hug

Photograph of two Oriental gay men in a romantic, affectionate embrace.

Playgirl Magazine's First Issue

Playgirl Number 1 : in 1973 a magazine featuring male nudity aimed at women but bought by gay men appeared on American newstands.

Fizeek Art Quarterly

Homoerotic male physique illustrations from the 1950s.

Boy Play

1970s - interesting cover photograph.

Playgirl Magazine Number One

Closeted magazine with male nude photographs: first issue.

Here Comes Honcho

Ads announcing first issue of gay photographic erotica magazine.

Twink Superhero

Homoerotic illustration in golden age comic books.

Snooty Cutie

Was the Bachelor an early magazine aimed at closeted gay American men?


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