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Skid Row Sweetie

Sordid vintage queer erotic novel about a man who paid winos and street bums for sex.

Hard Throbbing ...

Hard Throbs books offered gay guys wet dreams of muscular men with big cocks.

Gay Men Like to Cruise

Cruising for tricks is of course a common gay male hobby when the process isn't an obsession.

The Gay Bunch

Boy on the Cover

Photograph of a very pretty British boy on the cover of an old paperback novel.

Queer St

Have you been down to Queer Street?

Queer King of Ancient Egypt

An ancient Egyptian pharaoh who was a queen in the sense that he was gay and love the boys of Egypt.

Gay Lovers: Hard Men ... With Hard Bodies

Gay male erotic imagination no longer needs to attribute manliness to a man's profession. Any muscular man is a jock as it were.

The Magnificent Maricón

An odd sounding vintage gay novel about a brave, effeminate, delicate, ruthless man who was not a man ...

Male Model

Vintage gay male erotic novel about a handsome, muscular young fitness or posing strap model.

The Gay Ones

Man into Boy

Man into Boy: vintage gay paperback book whose title has more than one interpretation.

Homo Alley

Where gay men come to sin - His eager fingers seared the young boy's body!

Master & His Slave Boy

Vintage gay paperback cover featuring a leatherman master and his helpless young male slave.

Portrait of a Homosexual

Looks like these gay men live in a slum.

Melody of Spring by H L Trocci

Melody of Spring: gay male fiction from 1968. Probably an unhappy tale of the lives of gay men.

Homosexual Identical Twins

Do you have fantasies that involve gay twin brothers? Being one of them or seducing both of them?

Fag Fraternity?

Homosexual fraternities and gay college boys in the late 1960s queer imagination.

New York Review of Unnatural Acts

Gay history - early radical gay politics journal.

Did the Boy Think He Was a Girl?

Queer male gender identity and confession in Carl Corley's Brazen Images cover art.

Faggots Galore

Two gay men wrestle on the cover of this unfortunately named paperback book credited to Jon Fondle.

Strange Marriage

Once gay weddings were inconceivable. And even if two gay men might marry they could never achieve happiness together.

Sodomites in Sodom

Vintage gay sodomitical paperbacks with twisted passions, bondage other fun things.

Muscle Queens

Midtown Queen and The Muscle Swappers seem to capture the ignorance of heterosexual men who used to produce gay erotica.

Fellatio in the Locker Room!

Heterosexual male majority fears the possibility of homosexual football players, gay athletes.

The Gay Love Letters

The Gay Love Letters: gay male mating and dating by mail.

Buffy and The Holy Quest

Perttyboy Buffy's quest was for ideal romantic love in this early gay romance novel. By Chris Davidson (Christian Davies).

Brandon's Boy

Homosexual passion in the American South. Brandon's boy liked anal sex.

Gene Bilbrew's Gay Paperback Covers

Gene Bilbrew's cover illustrations for gay pornography publisher Spade Classics.

Blow Boy

The publisher was too timid to give this lurid queer jailbait novel the title of Blowjob Boy.

About Analism : Anal Desires in ... Homoseual Men

Are most gay men bottoms? What do bottoms enjoy about the position, getting penetrated by the top?

No Dragons to Slay

Young gay male coming of age, coming out of the closet novel.

Pretty (Gay) Man

Queer vintage sleaze paperback fiction about a beautiful man who suffered from a Narcissus Complex.

True Homosexual Experiences

Two young male posing strap models wearing striped posing straps on the cover of Sex: True Homosexual Experiences.

Pretty Boy

Was Palo a male prostitute who had sex with gay tourists for money? Was he really pretty?

Homo World

Homo World: queer vintage sleaze paperback with a photo cover of a naked - Homo? - man.

Cop Sucker

Do you fantasize about being forced to your knees to give a cop a blow job?

Little Boy Gay

Little Boy Gay by Mario Ricco a vintage, sleazy queer novel.

Gay Treason

Vintage gay Nazisploitation sleaze fiction. Not the Homocon convention.

Locker-Room Lovers

Gay male lust for athletes, jocks and high school hunks.

Senator Swish

Was Senator Swish a closeted homosexual politician? Or an agent of the gay agenda?

To Want a (Gay) Boy

Wouldn't you like to have an attractive blonde youth hanging on your arm?

The Tormented

Gay male self-hatred, indecision, emotional confusion in supposedly vintage queer American fiction.

Homo Hill

Another best seller: candid! shocking! complete!

Gay Cruise

This cruise went all the way to the nearest gay bar.

Gay Vista

Was Gay Vista by Lance Lester a novel about a homophobic police officer?

Syndicate Sex

What about homosexual mafioso? Are they more closeted about their same-sex lusts and loves?

Midtown Queen

Urban gay males as gym bunnies, exercise fanatics.

Young Butt Full

Gay porn novel about a bottom or a gay man who likes bottoms.

Gene Bilbrew: Bottoms Up

Unique Book about a young gay man coming out, going to bars in San Francisco.

The Naïve Homosexual

The thrill of being away from home, gay and moving to the big city where you'd meet other gay men and learn about yourself and sexuality.

Mr. Fancy-Panties

Some gay men fantasize about being the sex slaves of the guys in their college dorm, being the dorm bitch.

Homophobic Laws

America still has anti-gay laws, legislation, rules and regulations because of the tea partying morons' political power.

Gun = Penis

Trashy queer fictionl about a gay man who is an undercover vice cop with a cover that has a pistol covering a man's cock.

Man's Greatest Tragedy and Fear!

Men who are afraid of discovering they are homosexual or bisexual (vintage paperback cover).

Skid Row Sweetie

One queer man's pursuit of the roughest of trade - homless drunkards?

Gay Male Incest?

My Son, My Lover : Daddy / Son roleplaying? Father and son erotic love?

Wicked French Angel Boys' Strange Love

Eric Jourdan's Les Mauvais Anges. His homoerotic literary productions included Le Garçon de joie. L'Amour brut, Le Songe d'Alcibiade, Anthologie de la peur.

To Want a Boy

Gay novel To Want a Boy was also published as Chicken Delight. Chicken Delight has been used by at least two publishers of gay erotica / porn.

Gay Boy

This gay boy was a porn star, that gay boy was a kept boy.

Big Stud on Campus

Homosexuals use sex orgies to convert heterosexual boys into homos! The preceding is a life: just a paperback about some big dicked queer guy's sex life in college.

Butch Stud

Vintage queer paperback cover of two guys holding one another.

California Creamin'

Vintage queer paperback cover: two gay guys on the beach.

Mr. Muscle Boy

Purports to expose all about bodybuilders' relationship with physique photographers in the old beefcake photography days.

Stud Seeker

Vintage gay fiction - two young men on the cover.

Gay Vet

Vintage gay erotic novel.

Gay Rape

Gay men who fantasize about being raped, forced to have sex by heterosexual males.

Brothers in Love

Old queer paperback novel about gay male incest with Robert Bonfils cover artwork.

Fee Males

Queer - in both senses - vintage paperback cover: fee males = females?

Boy's Boys

One of female domination artist Eric Stanton's few gay paperback covers.

Song of Alexander

Alexander the Great's bisexual sex life has made him a popular subject of historical fiction.

Do You Worship Gay Gods?

This kind of godhood inspires mostly muscle worship: the queer male's god is a wholly secular deity.

Beach Boy

Queer trash fiction about Bikini-clad muscle boys in Miami beach and the gay men that pursue them. Cover art by Gene Bilbrew. Somewhat homophobic cover copy.

Queer Cowpokes

Super Spur, a gay western porno: homos on the range as it were.

Hung Man

Large cocks are commonplace in gay erotic fiction.

G.I. Jock

Another gay men in the military vintage erotic paperback.

Gay Soldier

Queer military men having an affair in Nicaragua.

Sherbet and Sodomy

Gay themed novel by L.V. Ebbing in the Other Traveller Library series.

The Half-World of the American Homosexual

Stereotypical and cliched images of gay men on the covers of old books about homosexuality.

Boys, Drugs and Sex

A weird, trashy gay book about having fun.

House of Male Order

Looks to be a nov el about gay cowboy or farmhand love and lust on a ranch or farm.

Godly Sodomy

Gay pornography with religious plots. Gay priests and preachers.

The Gay Rebels

Vintage gay paperback with cover art by Femdom fetish artist Eric Stanton.

Kept Boy

Young lives with gay interior decorator in this trashy queer novel.

Half World

Half-husbands, career queens, drag fags, the male impersonator, butches and femmes.

Ten Inches

Queer fiction for size queens and small penis humilation fetishists.

A Few of the Boys

Gay conversion or bisexuality erotic pulp novel.

To Make A Homo

Weird queer trash erotica by Edward D. Wood, Jr.

The Devil is Gay

Is Satan a homosexual?

Gay Hotel with She-Boys

Paperback cover art by Eric Stanton.

Apprentice Gay

Mr. Heterosexual : are you man enough to become homosexual?

The Gay Year

Early gay coming out memoir.

Prep School

Hard On Randy queer pulp novel.

Have to Love the Phallic Outline

Authoritarian masculinity in gay male erotic fiction.

Whipping in the Barn?

Gay male fiction with light S&M?

Hitch-hiking Hunk

A handsome youth with an erection is sure to get a ride.

Mr Ballerina

Even androgynous book titles draw my interest.

Meat Rack Studs

A Space Classic by Mister Bradford Lance.

Homophile Fiction

The Flaming Suckers by Jay Symon, published by Barclay House.


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