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Two Gay Boys in Love

Sweetly romantic, homoerotic images of two young gay boys who are deeply in love with one another.

Strange Marriage

Once gay weddings were inconceivable. And even if two gay men might marry they could never achieve happiness together.

Buffy and The Holy Quest

Perttyboy Buffy's quest was for ideal romantic love in this early gay romance novel. By Chris Davidson (Christian Davies).

The Gay Love Letters

How queer males used to find men to date, hookup with.

Naked Mentors

Two nude gay men hugging and kissing affectionately.

Vintage Homoerotic Affection

Vintage picture of two gay men in love.

To Want a (Gay) Boy

Wouldn't you like to have an attractive blonde youth hanging on your arm?

Nude Gay Men Embrace

Naked homosexual passion, lust, sex, romance, something or other ...

Loving Homoerotic Bondage

BDSM can include affection. Masters and slaves can be lovers.

Gay Boys in Love

Two handsome young men looking in each other's eyes with tenderness and affection.

Homosexual Affection

Two cheerful, naked gay youths expressing homoerotic romantic feelings for each other.

Two Guys Smooching

Photograph of two gay men kissing each other.

Tab and Tony

Tab Hunter with his lover Anthony Perkins and - friend? - Roddy McDowell.

Two More Boys Kissing

Homosexual public displays of affection may offend homophobes - but who cares?

Wrestlers Embrace

Two straight boys wrestling or two gay youths expressing affection?

Gay Male Love and Sex

Photograph of two men in a passionately homoerotic embrace.

Same Sex Affection

Two men, perhaps two heterosexual male fashion models, expressing mutual affection.

One Guy in Another's Lap

Vintage picture of one gay man holding another in his lap.

Gay Men Embrace (Vintage Photograph)

Scene from a gas station in some small American town.

Two Sailors Holding Each Other

Another possible early photographic example of same-sex affection.

Gay Sailors Kiss

Early photograph of two gay men in the American military openly showing affection.

Blond Gay Boys Kissing

Photograph of two young gay males embracing one another.


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