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Was Adolph Hitler Gay?

Did the Nazis present Adolph Hitler with young and virile captive boys for the German dictator's sordid pleasures?

Allan, He's Ken's Boyfriend

Ken, Barbie's ostensible boyfriend is a homosexual doll and makes love to Allan. Barbie is Ken's beard.

Gay Porn Stars and a Watermelon

The sordid fate on innocent garden produce when it falls into the hands of homosexual perverts!

Suck Cock America

Perhaps you reject the radical advocacy of fellatio in favor of cunnilingus or something else?

Transsexual Science Fiction & Fantasy

Thrill to stories like Aliens Stole My Sex, XY/XX Metamorphosis, A Prison of Flesh

Prehistoric Queer? Prehistoric Transsexual?

Questionable claims of the discover of evidence of a primeval gay man or transgendered person.

New York Review of Unnatural Acts

Gay history - early radical gay politics journal.

American Journal of Cocksucking

Gay Liberation era publication Straight to Hell magazine.

Buzz Cardigan : The Man From P.A.N.S.Y.

Don Rico's forgotten adventure series about a gay male spy and adventure hero.

Trial of Oscar Wilde

Pulp magazine story - Baumhofer cover art - about Wilde's fatal trial.

Young Fags at Play

Fags - young boys - having a good time with one another.

Penis Candles

Phallic art object : penises with burning matches inserted.

Nazi Homoeroticism

Two blond, shirtless Aryan boys on their way to - from? - the concentration camp.

Coming Homosexual Explosion

As older heterosexual people die life will improve for America's gay men and women.

How to Use Sex Devices for Pleasure

Vintage queer magazine explaining how gay men can use sex toys for fun.

World's Strongest Penis

Image of a man lifting a very heavy weight with is cock.

Queerbait From Mars

Curious gay science fiction adventure - space opera - with lurid pulp magazine still painted cover. How would you like to have a green-skinned boyfriend?

Homosexuals Answer Back

1960s example of American homophobia in a magazine article.

Gay Freedom 1970

Gay liberation era drawing showing gay men in chains, bongage.

Is Santa a Sadist? Is Santa Gay?

Why is Santa watching one man give another an OTK spanking? Is Santa a gay-queer-homosexual pervert?

Tom of Finland's Decline

Did the homoerotic leatherman artist's work diminish over time? (Joke)

How To Be a Gay Man

1970s instruction manual and guidebook offering advice on how to live as a gay male.

Le Male's Key

Paul Gaultier's USB key sports a bulging crotch.

Gay Aliens Found in UFO Wreck!

Just imagine homosexual extraterrestrials arriving by flying saucer ... !

Discoroma : The Aroma for Dancers

Amyl nitrate advertising trying to suggest the product is high-toned and classy.


Zeus' youthful male lover once helped sell American beer to the heterosexual masses!

Homosexual Cruising

Learn how queers seek, recruit heterosexual men and convert them into homos as part of the gay agenda. (Actually this is just an ad for an old gay porn film.)

Hirsute Club : Wanted Hairy Men

Hairy gay men wanted by other hairy gay men. (Vintage queer magazine ad.)

How To Spot a Gay Clone

1970s look of Castro Street American homosexual male from moutache to flannel shirt and boots.

Photo-Book of Oral Homosexuality

Mouthful purported to be a photographic fellation manual but really it was just gay porn.

Child of the Sun

Trashy historical fiction about gay Roman Emperor Elagabalus aka Heliogabalus.

Swede Lips

Was this an example of lurdily racist gay erotic fiction?

The Sucking Mask

Oddball fellatio toy, device sold some years ago in gay sex magazines.

Cast a Wistful Eye

Perhaps either gay fantasy fiction or a queer historical novel.

Tintin Gay?

Hergés young French journalist a closet homosexual?


A weird trashy gay dracula porn movie.


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