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As a young gay man my experience of homoerotic pornography was passive. If someone had porn magazines I’d look at them. But I never bought even one. Given my tastes I’m more likely to be aroused by a model in a sweater catalog than gay porn.

Nostalgia has caused me to look at more of the queer erotica of those days than I did when it was being produced. Even though I hadn’t been paying attention when I saw Bill Eld’s face the recognition was instant.

His photograph must have appeared in many, many magazines. Not that it was his face that gave him so much success. It was his penis. He must have had one of the most celebrated cocks of his time.

Bill Eld

Bill Eld Cock

Bill Eld Naked

Bill Eld Nude

Bill Eld Penis

Bill Eld Vector Advertisement


Eld was my first crush in finding vintage homoerotica throughout the web. In 1996 we didn’t have bit torrent, thus I remember collecting a lot of porn models of the sexual liberation golden age as JPEG files. Some of them, Eld, first of all, had been printed, squeezing my ink cartridges dry. Other “items” burned on ZIP diskettes. I loved Lee Ryder stuff too. Both Eld and Ryder got baby sweet faces slim long bodies, rocket-penis apart. Never liked beefcakes. Until nowadays, Physique Pictorial kitsch models make me laugh. Ciao

Some of the AMG stuff is funny but if the model has a pretty face and isn’t too muscular I’ll find him sexually attractive.

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