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Young Blonde Carl Flores

1980s gay magazine male model: tough trade meets twink.

Larry Frisbee (Classically Homoerotic)

Vintage nude photograph of Larry Frisbee standing in an imaginary gay-friendly past.

Boy Naked in the Sun

Photograph of a nude young man in the woods.

Naked Boy in the Sun

Vintage photograph of a young male fitness model sunbathing in the nude.

Vintage Naked Male Bodies II

More photographs of nude male models aimed at gay men and published in the seventies.

Vintage Naked Male Bodies I

Collection of male nudes from the early 1070s. Part One of Two.

Vintage Naked Youth

Vintage photograph of a nude blond young man in a pseudo-classical setting.

Nude Young Men Frolicking

Naked boys wrestling and roughhousing in the outdoors.

Foxy Men of the 80s

1980s vintage calendar of male nude and erotic photographs.

Men: Rugged and Naked

More vintage photographs of naked men published for the pleasure of gay men.

Naked Men in the Sun

1968 magazine - Mr. Sun - vintage photographs of nude men in the beach, body painting, wrestling.

Homosexual Train

Photographic cover of two gay men wrestling I guess ...

La Culture Physique

French vintage homoerotic photography magazine.

Golden Boy

1950s blond and tanned muscular young posing strap model.

Hispanic Homoerotic

Nude hispanic guy wearing a giiant sombrero in this innocent photograph of days long and happily gone.

Homoerotic Hitchhikers

Vintage photographs of scantily clad young men looking for a kind stranger to offer them a ride.

Vintage Gay Basketball Porn

Basket Practice, 1978. George Conover and Rex Wolfe.

Gordon Grant

Nude photographs of 1970s butch, masculine, muscular hunk Gordon Grant.

Jean-Robert LeCocq

Photographs of Jean-Robert LeCocq were published by Playgirl, Mandate and In Touch magazines.

Naked Male Man

Male Man was a vintage magazine that published photos of nude men.

More Male Nudists

Queer men frolicking naked in the woods.

Premiere Male Nudes

Photos of nude twinks, cowboys and muscle boys.

Well Hung

Photograph of a handsome, boyish looking man with a large penis.

Naked Cowboy

Vintage photograph of a nude, masculine young cowboy.

Naked Male Butts

Photos of young studs' naked buttocks (Vintage male photography).

Nude Cowboy

Vintage photo of a young cowboy who isn't wearing any clothes.

Naked Edwardians

Vintage male nude pictures of Lance Falkenburg and other male models.

Naked Young Champions

1960s photos of nude young male models in Young Champ by Bob Anthony.

Vintage Bodybuilder With a Whip

Vintage posing strap model with a whip in his hands.

More Bill Eld

More images of Bill Eld and his often photographed, widely celebrated big dick.

Bill Eld's Penis

Gay pornographic male model Bill Eld had one of the most admired cocks of the 20th century.

Boy in Cutoff Jeans

1970s young hunk in short cufoffs with the head of his cock sticking out.

What Do You Say To a Naked Banjo Player

So naturally here are two photographs of a young man playing the banjo in the nude.

Beautiful Blond Boy of Days Gone Bye

Handsome, clean-cut youth with pleasing body. Photograph of vintage model Rob Chapman.

Vintage Homoerotic New Year

Vintage posing strap model magazine New Year's Day cover photograph.

Naked Weightlifting

Vintage homoerotic photograph of two young men working out with weights.

Wrestlers Embrace

Two straight boys wrestling or two gay youths expressing affection?

Submissive Bodybuilder

Kneeling, bowing, shackled muscular male slave.

Peter Berlin Dominates Peter Berlin

A photograph of homoerotic icon Peter Berline confronting himself.

Mr. Muscle Boy

Purports to expose all about bodybuilders' relationship with physique photographers in the old beefcake photography days.

Golden Boys : Cowboy

Vintage male nudie mag with a naked cowboy on the cover smoking a cigarette.

The Young Physique

Physique Pictorial type magazine with a young male cover model dressed as a warrior but he really just looks like a nervous kid.

More David Keith Miller

Additional pictures of blond young man who modeled for Playgirl and In Touch in the 1970s.

He #1

He: a vinfage gay nudie, ahem, gay erotic photography magazine.

Affection (1970s)

The beauty of muscular gay men kissing and touching.

David Kneeling

Two blond guys on their knees and showing their buttocks.

Sweet Youth

Photograph of a prettily handsome youth from the 1950s.


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