Vintage John Davidson

Vintage Homoerotica

Celebrated young and masculine, clean cut male model of the vintage era John Davidson.









Cowboys & Indians & Bondage

Vintage Gay Male Art

Leather and Rope: cowboys and Indians and a bit of D/s.










The Gay Ones

Queer Paperbacks

The Gay Ones, John Dexter

As the man on the left holding the camera reflects gay men were once prey of blackmailers. Now that is true only of Republican closet cases.

Gay Ones John Dexter Homosexual Blackmail

Naked Men Wrestling

Vintage Homoerotica

Nude wrestling, the gay porn of days long gone.

Vintage Nude Gay Male Wrestlers

Man into Boy

Queer Paperbacks

Man into Boy, Jay Vickers

This vintage gay novel’s cover is mild but the title seems a double entendre.

Gay Male Boy Man

Rough Trade: Jailhouse Sex

Vintage Gay Male Art

Rough Trade: Hard Behind Bars.










Two Transvestite Marriages


Transvestite Marriage by Nutrix

Years ago I remember looking at Yahoo photograph albums crossdresser had put online. Mostly they strove to look like very conventional middle-class females.

Transvestite Marriage Magazine Four

Transvestite Marriage Magazine Six

Happy Boys in Dresses

Gender Outlaws

I’d be curious to see more of this photographer’s erotic photography. The two young men seem to be having such a happy time with their dresses and penises.

Nude Boys Wearing Dresses Cock Hanging Out

Homo Alley

Queer Paperbacks

Homo Alley, Gregory Barnes

Did you know that we all hang out in alleys?

Homo Alley is a hilariously lame attempt to suggest dirty homoeroticism.

Homo Alley Gregory Barnes Gay Porn Novel

His eager fingers seared the young boy’s body

Master & His Slave Boy

Queer Paperbacks

Trojan Classic Young and Tender Boys has an unambiguously Master/slave cover image. Usually in these old gay BDSM paperbacks the kink seemed a bit vanilla.

Vintage Gay BDSM Young Slave Boy Master Trojan Classic

Portrait of a Homosexual

Queer Paperbacks

Portrait of a Homosexual’s cover seems to imply that gay men live in shabby hovels with cracked wall.

Homosexual Men Look Like Gaydar

Was Adolph Hitler Gay?

Queer Curiosities

It was asserted that Adolph Hitler was gay - queer as a seven dollar bill - to villify him. As if the simple facts weren’t enough. This is from a 1960s American men’s magazine reasserting the myth of Hitler’s homosexuality for thrills and profit.

Adolph Hitler Gay Queer Homosexual

Allan, He's Ken's Boyfriend

Queer Curiosities

What man could accept a mere Barbie doll? No wonder Ken took Allen as his male homosexual lover.

Allan Homosexual Ken Gay Lover

Is a Hot Dog Really a Penis?

Queer Advertising

Should we allow advertisemtns depicting America’s wholesome male youth eating phallic hot dogs?

Hot Dogs Phallic Symbol Faux Penis Cock

Uncircumsized at that.

Halfway House Hustler

Hustlers, Rent Boys

Rent Boys, Bad Boys

Halfway House Hustler

Some men are strongly attracted to male prostitues not because they require their services. It is the myth of a grubby looking heterosexual male’s superior masculinity.

Not that a man shouldn’t cater to any fetish that he can afford and doesn’t harm him.

Male Hustler Rent Boy Prostitute Hooker

All About Balls

Vintage Homoerotica

All About Balls appears to appeal to fans of male genitalia and not just specialize in testicles.

Male Balls Tesicles Genitals Magazine

Gay Porn Stars and a Watermelon

Queer Curiosities

Barnyard Ballin’

I actually knew a guy who tried using a watermelon as a primitive Fleshlight when he was a boy. He also tried having see with a knot hole. Neither gave satisfaction.

Gay Porn Sex with a Watermelon

Suck Cock America

Queer Curiosities

Fervent advocacy of same-sex fellatio in the spirit of New York Review of Unnatural Acts and the American Journal of Cocksucking.

Americans Should Suck Cock

Play the Fun Penis Game

Vintage Homoerotica

Can You Match the Cock to the Face?

Some folks once believed that the size of a man’s nose indicated the size of his penis. Even if it were true it would be no help here.

Gay Porn Stars Penis Size Game

Bisexuality : Double Deviation


The Bisexuals, King of Deviations by George Bishop

Two Sexes in 1 Body
Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Sadism, Masochism, Fetishism, Voyeurism -
All recorded for the first time in these startling case history of the “doublt-deviates” who practice sex with both men and women.

Bisexual Deviants Two Genders One Person

Could there be a more wrong-headed and misleading book about bisexual persons?

  • Conflating gender with sexual orientation.
  • Associating atypical sexuality in general with bisexuality (while some bisexuals are open to many varietes of sexual self-expression, others are vanilla or even deep in the back of the closet).
  • Weirdly implying that - “double-deviates” - that heterosexuality is a diviation.

The book promises all manner of kinky thrills, which is the whole idea.

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