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Halfway House Hustler

Vintage gay male erotica about the thrills of sex with a bad boy male prostitute.

He: Prostitute

He: Prostitute claimed to tell the authentic and real stories of male hustlers and rent boys.

Two Queer Hustlers

Joe Caruso and Ed Culver each wrote fiction about male prostitutes entitled Queer Hustler.

How To Become a Male Prostitute

The Hustitute can turn you into a happy, successful hustler, rent boy.

Gay Whore

Is this a novel about homosexuals and their prostitutes,male hustler lovers?

Lecherous Queers

Trashy, seemingly homophobic novel about a young man who perverted (ahem) himself as a male prostitute.

Queer Hustler

Two trashy old gay paperback novels about gay male prostitution.

The Hustitute

Where would you go if you wanted to be trained to become a male prostitute?

(Male) Hustler Number 3

Early gay male erotica pretending to be a study of male prostitutes. Bill Eld cover photograph.

Kept Kid

Old softcore, photograph illustrated novel about a kept boy.

High School Hustlers

A young man is blackmailed into prostitution in this old gay paperback novel.


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