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Art of Cock Concealment

Naked men who with hand, pillow, hat over the crotch deprive us of glimpses of their penis.

Big Brother Brazil's Rodrigão Gets Dirty

Will Brazilian celebrity Rodrigão be able to dispel rumors about his sexuality, that he is gay this way?

Boys Make Good Furniture

Human Furniture by David Blazquez. Molbiliario humano fotógrafo David Blázquez

Mad, Passionate Homoeroticism

Two blindfolded men interlocked in intense erotic passion.

Alan Valdez

Handsome face, beautiful body, Hispanic sex god from Mexico.

Spartacus as Male Underwear Model

Spartacus as a combination of male underwear advertisement and Athletic Model Guild vintage posing strap photography.

Male Androgyny

Androgynous high fashion male model wearing a white suit.

Boy Toy

Android sex toy, robot rent boy for gay men ... ?

Sadistic Male Fashion Model?

Male model holding a riding crop. But he's also collared.

Submissive Male Model?

is the man bowing and kissing the other man's hand because he is being gallant or is a slave?

Male Slaves on Their Knees?

Attractive young men on their knees notionally expressing submission. Or not.

Hunk in Tape Bondage

Man bound by tape while lsitening to music via headphones.

Male Fashion Model in Bondage

One male fashion model uses rope to tie another model to a tree.

Blindfolded Supermodel

You can pretend you have male supermodel Garrett Neff in bondage.

Male Pole Dancer

Homoerotic cover photograph of a naked man wearing boots for the Japanese edition of Vogue for men.

Edilson Nascimento's Naked Butt

Photographs of homoerotic hottie, Brazilian male supermodel's nude buttocks (ass to you).

Beautiful Boy Hanging by Chains

Pretty gay youth in bondage with a flower in his mouth. Wonderfully homoerotic photograph.

Boy in a Cage

Young male kneeling in what appears to be a giant bird cage.

Bed Bondage

Young man tied up and blindfolded and bound to the bed.

Kneeling in Chains

Handsome male model on his knees would make a beautiful male slave (faux BDSM).

Male Underwear Model in Bondage

Faux BDSM: two black and white photographs of Felipe Fornazier bound by ropes.

Muscle Gods in Bondage

Photographs of muscular men bound by chains and shackles.

Battle of the Underwear Models

Male underwear models fight against a fantasy background.

Twink Twins

Handsome and beautiful identical twin brothers have long been parts of homoerotic photography and iconography.

Blond Youth in Bondage

Perhaps the young man is a slave from ancient Greece or Rome.

Duct Tape Gag

Photograph for the No to H8 campaign.

Retro Physique Pictorial

In Out magazine's 2009 Swimsuit Issue.


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