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Bisexuality : Double Deviation

Two Sexes in 1 Body Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Sadism, Masochism, Fetishism, Voyeurism .

Homo in the Guesthouse

Bisexual husbands always cheat on their wives with other men.

Dave liked girls until he tried ---

Did gay sex convert a straight / heterosexual man into a gay / homosexual man? Is gay sex like crack?

Weekend Homo

Did visiting a gay bar turn a man into a bisexual man and ruin the marriage he shared with his wife?

The Gay Game

A gay or bisexual husband who leaves his wife sexually frustrated and cheats on her with other men (gay fiction).

Hot Pants Homo

The novel of a jazz musician who discovers that his bisexuality.

Walk the Gay Night

You can spot the homosexual (bisexual) because he has curly hair and uses lipstick. Even Marines!

A Few of the Boys

Gay conversion or bisexuality erotic pulp novel.

Apprentice Gay

Mr. Heterosexual : are you man enough to become homosexual?


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