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Young Blonde Carl Flores

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Rough Trade Twink

Early 1980s gay magazine model Carl Flores.

Carl Flores 1980s Blonde Rough Trade Twink

Carl Flores 1980s Blonde Rough Trade Twink Nude

Photographs taken by D.J. Garrett.

Gayest Crew of World War Two

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Ship of Queens, Dan Porter

If this didn’t appear to recount the military mishaps and adventures of way men during the second world war you’d assume it was one of those ships where gay men go cruising.

Ship of Queens Queer Studies Gay Men WWII

Mr. Queen

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Mr. Queen, William Jeffries

There’s probably an ardent queer theorist studies these trashy old gay paperback novels. Decoding the symbols of the days when gay men referred to themselves as queens.

Mr Queen Queer Studies Gay Fiction

Two Gay Boys in Love

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Homoerotic affection: always delightful even without nudity.

Two Gay Boys in Love

Two Gay Male Lovers

Two Young Gay Boys in Love

Larry Frisbee (Classically Homoerotic)

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Larry Frisbee, vintage model of the posing strap era, here strapless. He stands there unashamedly nude in some imaginary ancient Greek or Roman past.

Vintage Nude Classical Homoerotic Image

Under Five Fags

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Under Five Fags, Tony Calvano

The cover copy’s talk about remaining queer regardless of money or mechanisism is a bit off. Not that I don’t understand anyone’s desire to maintain his social and sexual identity.

Under Five Fags Tony Calvano

Skid Row Sweetie

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Skid Row Sweetie, Gene North

Rod (!) the cover tells us was every street drunk’s pal. Some of them do sell themselves and probably for a very, very low rent. Still too much for the fastidious.

Except on the covers of books like this you don’t find nude clean cut hunks in urban alleys.

Skid Row Drunk Homeless Hustler Male Prostitute

Hard Throbbing ...

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Hard Throbs

Unlike the vintage trashy gay erotica covers I post here with the Hard Throbs series we pass into gay porn. Gay men probably had fantasies just from looking at the covers without even reading the words within.

I can’t help but think that Dock Workers might have been chosen as a title in the hopes it would be misread as or at least suggest Cock Workers.

Hard Throbbing Big Cocks Dock Worker

Wet Dreams is a perfect title for gay sex fiction. These books are wet dreams that you have while awake.

Hard Throbbing Big Cocks Wet Dream

Gay Men Like to Cruise

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Gay Cruise, Carl Drive

Gay Cruise Carl Drive Homosexual Novel

Gay Cruise is amazingly straightforward for the cover of one of these vintage trashy gay novels. Two men meet at a bar. Surely sodomy ensues. Happens every day. Happening right now somewhere.

The Cruising Class, Dick Dale

Cruising Class Dick Dale Nine Dollar Scholars Learning Shame

“Nine dollar scholars” seems odd. Perhaps it is to suggest that the young cruisers have nine inch cocks. Shame seemed to mean excitement in vintage erotica of the period. The writers probably muttered the word in their sleep.

The Cruising Class meets at Jordan Lake here in central North Carolina.

The Gay Bunch

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The Gay Bunch, Lynton Wright Brent

Perhaps the gay bunch met for brunch. That is all we gay men do: have brunch and drinks, hang out by the pool. We’re a decadent bunch. In the foolish imaginations of the ignorant.

Gay Brunch Bunch Lynton Wright Brent

Boy on the Cover

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I’ve never felt inclined to read any of the Maughams but have always enjoyed looking at this cover.

Pretty British Boy Cover Photograph

Queer St

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Murder on Queer Street
Murder on Queer Street Dead Homosexual

Queer St. U.S.A.
Queer Street USA Homosexual Handbook

Art of Cock Concealment

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Will the Guy Move His …

It is a commonplace that erotic arousal often results from what isn’t seen, what is concealed. Curiosity about what is invisible. Hope that hidden will soon be revealsed.

Certainly true of covered crotches.








Queer King of Ancient Egypt

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Queen of Ancient Egypt, Chris Davidson

There must have been gay pharaohs in ancient Egypt who did indeed adore boys.

Homosexual King Ancient Egypt

Boy Naked in the Sun

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Somewhere in a wooded area there was a nude young man.

Nude Young Man in Summer Woods

Gay Lovers: Hard Men ... With Hard Bodies

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Proctor Files Illustrated

Gay Lovers: Hard Men … With Hard Bodies

Construction workers used to be the archetypal butch studs. Homoerotic entertainment no longer seems to try linking masculinity to professions. Models in magazines simply need big muscles and big cocks.

Construction Worker Jock Stud Hunk Butch

Naked Boy in the Sun

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Young Male Nude Vintage Photograph

Kurt Stefano Nude Photograph

Kurt Stefano

The Magnificent Maricón

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The Magnificent Maricón, William Charles Spatari.

Maricón seems to be the Spanish equivalent of faggot.

I have to wonder about The Magnificent Maricón. Was the author ignorant or defiant? I’ve known many brave femme gay men. And lived with a starkly ruthless one.

Maricon Spanish For Faggot Queer Gay

Male Model

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Male Model, Win Haven

The vintage hunk on the cover looks like he is a posing strap model from one of those old physique magazines that what passed for gay porn in the days before Stonewall.

His posing strap appears to contain more than himself.

Vintage Male Physique Fitness Posing Strap Model

America's Foremost Female Impersonator

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Mr. Jackie Hayes was a professional crossdresser who boasted that he wa America’s Foremost Female Impersonator. Photograph by Bruno of Hollywood.


Transvestite Dreams & Fantasies

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Sandy Thomas Publications did an incredible job in bringing the crossdressing and sissyfication fantasies of men to life in stories and drawings.






Vintage John Davidson

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Celebrated young and masculine, clean cut male model of the vintage era John Davidson.









Cowboys & Indians & Bondage

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Leather and Rope: cowboys and Indians and a bit of D/s.










The Gay Ones

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The Gay Ones, John Dexter

As the man on the left holding the camera reflects gay men were once prey of blackmailers. Now that is true only of Republican closet cases.

Gay Ones John Dexter Homosexual Blackmail

Naked Men Wrestling

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Nude wrestling, the gay porn of days long gone.

Vintage Nude Gay Male Wrestlers

Man into Boy

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Man into Boy, Jay Vickers

This vintage gay novel’s cover is mild but the title seems a double entendre.

Gay Male Boy Man

Rough Trade: Jailhouse Sex

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Rough Trade: Hard Behind Bars.










Two Transvestite Marriages

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Transvestite Marriage by Nutrix

Years ago I remember looking at Yahoo photograph albums crossdresser had put online. Mostly they strove to look like very conventional middle-class females.

Transvestite Marriage Magazine Four

Transvestite Marriage Magazine Six

Happy Boys in Dresses

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I’d be curious to see more of this photographer’s erotic photography. The two young men seem to be having such a happy time with their dresses and penises.

Nude Boys Wearing Dresses Cock Hanging Out

Homo Alley

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Homo Alley, Gregory Barnes

Did you know that we all hang out in alleys?

Homo Alley is a hilariously lame attempt to suggest dirty homoeroticism.

Homo Alley Gregory Barnes Gay Porn Novel

His eager fingers seared the young boy’s body

Master & His Slave Boy

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Trojan Classic Young and Tender Boys has an unambiguously Master/slave cover image. Usually in these old gay BDSM paperbacks the kink seemed a bit vanilla.

Vintage Gay BDSM Young Slave Boy Master Trojan Classic

Portrait of a Homosexual

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Portrait of a Homosexual’s cover seems to imply that gay men live in shabby hovels with cracked wall.

Homosexual Men Look Like Gaydar

Was Adolph Hitler Gay?

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It was asserted that Adolph Hitler was gay - queer as a seven dollar bill - to villify him. As if the simple facts weren’t enough. This is from a 1960s American men’s magazine reasserting the myth of Hitler’s homosexuality for thrills and profit.

Adolph Hitler Gay Queer Homosexual

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