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Allan, He's Ken's Boyfriend

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What man could accept a mere Barbie doll? No wonder Ken took Allen as his male homosexual lover.

Allan Homosexual Ken Gay Lover

Is a Hot Dog Really a Penis?

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Should we allow advertisemtns depicting America’s wholesome male youth eating phallic hot dogs?

Hot Dogs Phallic Symbol Faux Penis Cock

Uncircumsized at that.

Halfway House Hustler

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Rent Boys, Bad Boys

Halfway House Hustler

Some men are strongly attracted to male prostitues not because they require their services. It is the myth of a grubby looking heterosexual male’s superior masculinity.

Not that a man shouldn’t cater to any fetish that he can afford and doesn’t harm him.

Male Hustler Rent Boy Prostitute Hooker

All About Balls

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All About Balls appears to appeal to fans of male genitalia and not just specialize in testicles.

Male Balls Tesicles Genitals Magazine

Gay Porn Stars and a Watermelon

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Barnyard Ballin’

I actually knew a guy who tried using a watermelon as a primitive Fleshlight when he was a boy. He also tried having see with a knot hole. Neither gave satisfaction.

Gay Porn Sex with a Watermelon

Suck Cock America

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Fervent advocacy of same-sex fellatio in the spirit of New York Review of Unnatural Acts and the American Journal of Cocksucking.

Americans Should Suck Cock

Play the Fun Penis Game

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Can You Match the Cock to the Face?

Some folks once believed that the size of a man’s nose indicated the size of his penis. Even if it were true it would be no help here.

Gay Porn Stars Penis Size Game

Bisexuality : Double Deviation

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The Bisexuals, King of Deviations by George Bishop

Two Sexes in 1 Body
Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Sadism, Masochism, Fetishism, Voyeurism -
All recorded for the first time in these startling case history of the “doublt-deviates” who practice sex with both men and women.

Bisexual Deviants Two Genders One Person

Could there be a more wrong-headed and misleading book about bisexual persons?

  • Conflating gender with sexual orientation.
  • Associating atypical sexuality in general with bisexuality (while some bisexuals are open to many varietes of sexual self-expression, others are vanilla or even deep in the back of the closet).
  • Weirdly implying that - “double-deviates” - that heterosexuality is a diviation.

The book promises all manner of kinky thrills, which is the whole idea.

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