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Transvestite Model (Transvestia)

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The presentation of transvestism is problematic for me.

Too often sexploitation used an image of a woman and added the word transvestite. Not that rendering males as attractive - since that is what readers would want to see - faux females isn’t something artists generally know how to do.

I’m not fond of chicks with dicks photographs. There’s nothing wrong with it aesthetically. But those images are generally used exploitatively. And crossdressers mostly want to present femaleness successfully. (None of that applies to the rare person who wants to present as hermaphroditic.

Transvestite Model Penis Photograph

Transsexual Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Transgender Science Fiction & Fantasy appears to be in the same mode as the mysterious Queerbait From Mars. I don’t know who to credit with the clever modification of an old science fiction magazine.

Stories include:

  • Aliens Stole My Sex
  • XY/XX Metamorphosis
  • A Prison of Flesh

Transvestite Transsexual Science Fiction Stories

Femme Mimics - The Other - #1

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Curious to see if there had been a second issue of Femme Mimics I did a search.

Turns out there was a second cover to the first issue of the female impersonator magazine. And some information about E. Carlton Winford, the man who published it.

He spent three years researching and contacting performers from all over the country. In his epilogue he recounts how difficult this was, as he was met with suspicion from many who feared being made the subject of ridicule and gossip.

See Femme Mimics by E. Carlton Winford, 1954.

Femme Mimics Draq Queen Tranny Photographs

Femme Mimics #1

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Femme Mimics must have been an attempt to cash in on whatever success Female Mimics might’ve had. Mimicking would have certainly been the goal of transvesites back then. And is today. But now many transpersons are happy to blur the boundaries or establish their own idiosyncratic presentation of gender performance.

Issue Number One of Femme Mimics promised:

  • Jerks in Skirts
  • Crime in Skirts
  • Clowns in Gowns

That doesn’t express esteem or affection for crossdressers / transvestites. Perhaps the publication was produced by unsympathetic men hoping only to make money.

Femme Mimics Number One First Issue

Female Mimics #1

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The Female Mimics ‘zine that I’ve seen before was a black and white BDSM feminization fetish magazine. The World’s Foremost Female Impersonators sounds like something aimed at admirers of professional crossdressers.

Female Mimics Number One First Issue

Big Brother Brazil's Rodrigão Gets Dirty

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Rodrigão a star of Brazil’s Big Brother program evidently is unhappy with speculations about his sexuality: is he gay? For a man to grease himself and then wash himself down and have it filmed hardly seems especially heterosexual.







Photographs from Paparazzo.

Vintage Butch Gay Men (Art)

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Idealized gay masculinity by Richard White from the mid-1980s.






Photographs of Jean-Robert LeCocq

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Jean-Robert LeCocq ( - no I don’t can’t believe that is really his last name either - ) is a very fondly remembered male model of the 1980s. He was Playgirl magazine’s man of the month in March of 1981.




Melody of Spring by H L Trocci

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Melody of Spring by H L Trocci, Echelon Book Publishers/Impact Library, 1968.

A sad melody judging from their faces. Gay fiction didn’t have happy endings back then. Even gay men search for fantasy would’ve found it too unbelievable.

Melody of Spring by H L Trocchi

Prehistoric Queer? Prehistoric Transsexual?

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From the Czech Republic comes a report of a queer cavemen. Or maybe a prehistoric transsexual. They don’t really know. Archaeology has a long history of reaching the wrong conclusions from little or no evidence. Interpretation is often motivated by wishful thinking.


The academic wishes for presige and funding. Media attention helps see that those wishes are granted.


Pillow Fight

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This drawing of two boys having a pillow fight in their underwear is signed C.S. But I’m fairly sure that it was drawn by Eric Stanton. Stanton is best known for his depictions of dominant women and submissive men. But I’ve seen at least several gay paperback covers he drew.

Eric Stanton Drawing of Two Boys Playing Around in Their Underwear

Homosexual Identical Twins

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I always see Gay Twins as Gay Twinks. I guess you can tell what appeals to me.

They made sweet music together.

Back in the Eli Whitney Elementary School in Savannah, Georgia there were two identical twin brothers: Larry and Barry. As a just self-discovered gay man I ran into them many years later. They were both obviously gay: nelly as hell. Which I like.

I was shy and had yet to develope the slightest sexual charisma. Nor did I think to tell them I was gay.

I have a strong wish fantasy that I did and we had a very passionate time together.

Homosexual Identical Twin Brothers

Many gay men have probably fantasized that the Brew Twins are gay. And the Peters Twins have been kind enough to oblige those sorts of dreams.

Fag Fraternity?

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Buffy Rides Again:

He was the frosh flash of a fag fraternity.

When I posted Buffy and the Holy Quest I hadn’t noticed that there were two Buffy Novels by Chris Davidson.

Chris Davidson (Christian Davies) turns out to be another gay author who wrote gay vintage sleaze with sincere intent. He wrote a number of novels for Greenleaf in the late sixties. And the college life of young gay males was one of his themes.

Buffy Rides Again Homosexual College Frat Boys

There’s quite a bit of homegrown erotica on Nifty about gay men in fraternities. Most of it about submissive gay men being the sex slaves of straight frat boys. A common fantasy I guess.

Vintage Naked Male Bodies II

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Continued from Part One.


Vintage Naked Male Bodies I

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New York Review of Unnatural Acts

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More covers of Straight to Hell a New York based radical gay lib magazine from the days after Stonewall.

Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts (Straight to Hell)

New York Review of Unnatural Acts

Straight to Hell Queer Magazine.

American Journal of Cocksucking

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Straight to Hell was a New York ‘zine of the gay liberation era given to whimsical subtitle changes.

American Journal of Cocksucking (Straight to Hell)

  • Straights are America’s sexual Nazis.

New York Review of Cocksucking (Straight to Hell)

See also New York Review of Unnatural Acts.

Did the Boy Think He Was a Girl?

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I’ve often wondered about the cover of Carl Corley’s Brazen Image.

Brazen Image Transsexual Vintage Gay Novel

Most sleazy trash fiction of the time simply used drawings of women for books about transvestites or transsexuals. This old paperback is much more subtle. Suggesting anything from androgyny to confusion.

I had little hope of learning about Carl Corley. Most of these books were written as fast as the author could type. The writer had an assignment from an edito and felt no personal interest. And the names were always pen names.

Not Carl Corley. That really was his name. And while he was a commercial writer his fiction was created with sincere good intent. The youth on the cover may have been feeling confusion on just discovering his erotic love of other men. Gay men used to feel substantial confusion about their gender role since in society at large lovers of men were women.

Brazen Image Transgender Vintage Gay Novel

Maybe I’ll run across a copy of Brazen Image and find out.

Corley did his own cover art. And had ambitions to be a physique artist. Here’s a drawing of his to two masculine young farm boys relaxing in a barn.

Vintage Gay Farm Boys Relaxing in the Barn

Faggots Galore

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Given such a straightforward - if nasty - title as Faggots Galore, a name like Jon Fondle seems a silly attempt at subtlety.

Faggots Galore : Two Gay Men Wrestling

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