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Buzz Cardigan : The Man From P.A.N.S.Y.

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Vintage Gay Male Adventure Series.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. began The Man from O.R.G.Y., a humorous, soft porn parody. The Man from O.R.G.Y. begat many imitations including women like The Lady from L.U.S.T, The Miss from S.I.S. and even The Girl from A.U.N.T.I.E.

For gay men there was also The Man From C.A.M.P. The Man From C.A.M.P. was something of a success (and is currently in print). That is likely what prompted a publisher to issue The Man from P.A.N.S.Y., queer spy Buzz Cardigan.

Don Rico wrote a number of forgotten comic books. No shame is that. Most people who wrote comics created material that was best left unremembered. Late in his life he churched out lots of commercial fiction for the lower end of the market. Including Buzz Cardigan. Buzz was a noted homosexual (?), spy and action hero. His adventures seem to have been barely read and are unremembered.




Strange Marriage

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I wonder if I read James Colton’s Strange Marriage.

I was staying with someone once who had a bunch of undistinguished, unhappy gay fiction. In recollection is seems as if all the books’ covers resembled this: dark and nervous.

And my - perhaps unjust - memory is that the novels all had unhappy or at least cheerless resolutions. There was no joy in being gay.

Strange Homosexual Gay Marriage by James Colton

I’m sure the two men weren’t actually wed. Unimaginable back then.

Trial of Oscar Wilde

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Oscar Wilde Trial in 1931 pulp magazine with Walter Baumhofer cover.

Given that sodomitical pleasures were considered unmentionable one can’t help but wonder how Oscar Wilde’s trial was treated in this 1931 issue of Courtroom Stories. Walter Baumhofer cover.

Sodomites in Sodom

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Roll Call in Sodom by Tony Calvano

Because of my Baptist upbringing whenever I see the title Roll Call in Sodom I hear an old hymn. I’m glad this sodom wasn’t sexist and both gay men and women were welcome.

Roll Call in Sodom by Tony Calvano

Season in Sodom by Alan Marshall

Sunglasses are always a bad sign. They are favored by wicked Greek shipping tycoons, men in secret government departments and perverts. This man’s twisted passons appear to include a little bondage.

Season in Sodom Twisted Passions Bondage Alan Marshall

Muscle Queens

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He Muscled His Way In

I’ve always been amused by the cover of Midtown Queen. I can so easily someone using the title as a frigid description of a friend or acquaintance. And the facial expression - lust? - on the guy with light hair is hilarious.


I figure Mr. Midtown Queen works out in the gym so hard so he can become one of The Muscle Swappers:

An explosive twilight novel of drag balls and swap parties among the gay lovers.

Swap parties? Where did the - presumably straight - editor get that phrase from?


Fellatio in the Locker Room!

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They Were Teammates and Shame-Mates!

Locker Room Lovers presents a possibility terrifying to heterosexual men. Gay football players. Straight guys idolize professional athletes. Vicars of the manly success and sexual popularity the average man can never know.

If a sports star is a homo the fantasy is shattered.


Locker Room Suckers presents an even more devastating heterosexual nightmare. Football jocks giving each other blow jobs.


And coach is the worst pervert of them all!


Young Fags at Play

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In this instance fag is not a homophobic slur.

Fag, a junior boy who acts or acted as servant (“fagging”) to a senior boy at a British independent school.

Fellow Fags Young British Homosexual School Boys

Fellow Fags

Vintage Naked Youth

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Pretty typical vintage photograph of a nude youth in a pseudo-classical setting.

Vintage Black-and-White Photograph Naked Young Man

The Gay Love Letters

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The Gay Love Letters:

The men shared their homosexual experiences by mail … Then they met!

Sounds like a book about gay male personal ads. We do the same by email and dating sites and manage to meet ot decide not to much more quickly.

Gay Love Letters Jock Stein Queer Male Personal Ads

He: Prostitute

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He: Prostitute:

True cases of five young men who earn their living through their sexual prowess.

What made a book like this that purports to be the real stories of male hustlers so eary to write is that back then the nominal author could just make it all up.

He Prostitute Male Hustlers Rent Boys

Nude Young Men Frolicking

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Actually these playful naked young men appear to be wrestling. All that matters is that they are having fun.





Buffy and The Holy Quest

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He searched the gay world for the perfect mate!

Sounds like a frustrating quest. Let us hope Buffy found Mr. Right. The cover of this gay romance novel shows Buffy himself as a well-heeled pretty boy.

Buffy Holy Quest Chris Davidson Romance Novel

For more adventures of Buffy see Fag Fraternity.

Brandon's Boy

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See how Brandon’s blonde boy has his hand against his hip? That is how you spot a homo.

The Greek went South and the Southerner went greek!

Does anybody use greek to refer to anal sex anymore?

Southern Gay Men Brandon's Boy Jay Vickery

Gene Bilbrew's Gay Paperback Covers

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Gene Bilbrew’s Spade Classic Covers are hardly his best work. But they are of interest as a part of queer cultural history. Sadly only a few of the titles are available in clean and adequate scans.





Foxy Men of the 80s

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The handsome studs from a 1984 male calendar.

84Calendar1 Hawk Morgan

84Apr Jeff Elliott

84Aug Tex Murdock

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