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Gay Freedom

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Many young gay people take today’s comparative freedom for granted. In part that is how it should be. Sadly is also why we have misguided gay conservatives who would align themselves with those who despise them.

But greedy queers have always been like that.

Queens Quarterly 1970s Gay Liberation
Queen’s Quarterly Gay Freedom 1970s

Bondage art depicting the oppression of gay men.

No Dragons to Slay

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No Dragons to Slay is the title but:

Thomas must face is toughest opponent yet

So he did face a dragon - an opponent. Was that:

  • A pedophile
  • A school bully
  • His own inhibitions

I suspect it would’ve been Thomas’ inhibitions. By novels end he’d be out of the closet.

No Dragons to Slay Teenage Gay Male Fiction

The pose also suggests male hustler.

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