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The Naked Men of 1973

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The Body offers us a view of more vintage male nakedness.


Happiness is a comfortable oil drum.


Meet John Skaggs:


These men were always pulling on rope in the nude.


And ready for sword fights.


Two naked guys arm in arm is always nice.


A younger vintage male model.



Dig those groovy sideburns.



Pretty (Gay) Man

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Our pretty man staring at his own face in the mirror appears to have that aberrant form of self-admiration popularly known as a Narcissus Complex.

Pretty Gay Man with Narcissus Complex

You’ve probably known attractive guys who were equally lost in self-love.

Before Pretty Man we showed you Pretty Boy.

Naked Men in the Sun

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Mr. Sun Number One: once again naked men frolic in the out of doors.


Body painting was certainly apt for the groovy year of 1968.



Wrestling in the nude - a favorite pastime of nude models during the vintage era.


Naked horse riding?


The text’s piety isn’t to be trusted. Black men seem to be largely absent from earlier vintage homoerotic publications. Hard to believe in the era of Black Inches magazine.




Was the this nude beach segregated?


Boys Make Good Furniture

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Human Furniture by David Blázquez. One can imagine the Femdom folk finding this pleasing.

fotografo-David-Blazquez (10K)

David Blazquez Homoerotic Photography Human Furniture

david blazquez molbiliario humano queer gay

Homosexual Train

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Homosexual Train offers another somewhat lame homoerotic wrestling photograph like Faggots Galore.

Homosexual Train(ing?)

The only explanation I can come up with for these baffling book title is that the editor found gay men completely alien.

La Culture Physique

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La Culture Physique, the French answer to Physique Pictorial.

La Culture Physique

Golden Boy

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What a shiny lad.

1950s American homoerotic photographs of athletic young men don’t appeal to me very much.

Blond and golden queer muscle boy.

But I can’t help but like this attempt to capture the delight of a well-proportioned youth, classical athleticism with a touch of dignity is irresistible. Happily we can’t chat with him and have the illusion crumble.

Boxing Magazines

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Looking at the blond guy made me wonder if boxing magazines like Fight functioned as erotic for gay men back in the 1940s.

Bosing magazine cover art.

Hispanic Homoerotic

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Somehow I can’t quite imagine anyone nowadays doing something quite this stereotypically funny as this vintage photograph of a naked Hispanic man wearing a sombrero.

Hispanic stereotype erotic photography

Homoerotic Hitchhikers

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How many fantasies have gay men had about picking up a young hunky hitchhiker? Actually, when I was young and used my thumb to travel a fair bit I got some, um, interesting offers. None worth accepting I’m afraid.

Hitchhiking Hunks

Nazi Homoeroticism

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Creepy product coming as it does from the homophobic culture of National Socialism.

Homoerotic nazi-young men
Nazi Youth

Vintage Gay Basketball Porn

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Basket Practice, 1978. George Conover (red shorts) and Rex Wolfe.

Most of the action in this bit of vintage gay sports porn went beyond what I’m comfortable with reproducing here.

Gay Basketball Porn

More Naked Italian Young Men

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More vintage homoerotic pictures of sexy, naked Italian young guys.



Bike boys.



Mario and Renato




Naked in the hay.


More Renato.




More Vincenzo.


Sexy Stefano and Enzo.


This is the 300th posting on this the third edition of Queer Pop Culture.

Coming Homosexual Explosion

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The Coming Homosexual Explosion of the ’70s

The lurid headline is sort of right. In the 1970s gay bars, openly gay people began to proliferate. The visible gay men and women of the time naturally had a demythologing effect. Queer folk became less mysterious, hence less threatening. As the older heterosexual populations continues to die off life will steadily continue to improve for gay people in the US.

Homosexuals to take over America Turn Straight Men into Gay Queers

A Passionate Woman Reveals: Why American Men are sex Weaklings.

Some nuts - mostly sick fundamentalists - would argue that it is such imagined weakness that causes men to turn into gay queers and the like.

Gordon Grant

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Two photographs of 1970s hunk, vintage gay model Gordon Grant.

Gordon Grant Naked Photograph

Gordon Grant Nude Photograph

How to Use Sex Devices for Pleasure

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How to Use Sex Devices for Pleasure and Improvement was a guide for gay men who might want to explore solo penis-plesuring with the aids of sex toys and machines.

“Improvement” appears in the title most likely only so they could argue the social value of the publication if they were busted in those more conservative times.

How to Use Gay Sex Devices for Pleasure

As you can see penis pumps have long been sold as penis enlargement devices. There’s a sucker (ahem) born every minute.

How to Use Gay Sex Toys for Pleasure

Doesn’t that toy look like a treat to use.

True Homosexual Experiences

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Sex : True Homosexual Experiences

Once upton a time young posing strap models were the ne plus ultra in gay erotic photography.

Sex True Homosexual Experiences

Aren’t the models striped posing straps just so cute?

Pretty Boy

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About Pretty Boy:

In the love-game played by the island boys, Palo was always the favorite.

Pretty Gay Boy

Was Palo a male hustler?

Is this gay sex tourism fiction?

Would you call Palo a pretty boy?

Homo in the Guesthouse

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The word HOMO is always a sign of sensitivity in both publisher and editor.

Homo in the Guesthouse Queer Paperback Novel

More bisexual infidelity:

There’s nothing wrong in allowing a man to spend a week in your guesthouse unless of course he’s your husband’s former lover.

Nude Relfections

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Nude Reflections : The Mirrored Idol

Mirror are an easy way for an erotic photographer to get more nudity in a picture with minimal effort.

Gay Nude Reflections


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Manhandlers is a mildly amusing title for this old gay porn magazine. (Sorry, only have the cover.)

Gay Manhandlers

Too Hot to Handle

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To Hot to Handle promised erotic male photographs too spicy, steamy and exciting to be published in In Touch magazine. I only have this cover.

Too Hot To Handle In Touch Magazine

Mad, Passionate Homoeroticism

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Homoerotic passion.

Mad Blindfolded Homoerotic Erotic Romantic Embrace Photograph

Homo World

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The vintage gay male paperbacks with photo covers suggest complete cluelessness on the part of the people who assembled the books.

Homo World Naked Man Photo Cover

Cop Sucker

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I try to never denigrate nor disparage anyone sexuality. Especially their fantasies.

But the idea of performing fellatio on a policeman involuntarily is a submissive dream that does squick me.

Policeman Gay Sex Fantasy

But I know that the idea of being helplessly under the control of irresistible masculine power gives many a gay man an enormous thrill.

Italian Boys

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Another sampling of homoerotic photographs from decades ago.

For over a century some gay men have had sentimental images of young Italian males as fresh and frisky. Looking innocent but retaining a cool, cunning eye on the main chance.

Below ar pictures of Angelo, Aldo, Marco, Pietro and Pablo.

Sexy Naked-Boys of Italy


Italian Boy Angelo Naked



Italian Boy Model Aldo

Italian Boy Model Marco

Italian Boy Model Pietro

Italian Boy Model Pietro-Nude


Italian Boys Nude

Little Boy Gay

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Little Boy Gay is a sweet sounding title but the book’s cover art isn’t very appealing.

Little Boy Gay Mario Ricco

Physical Man, Naked Man

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The Physical Man: more vintage naked men.

Physical Man Gay Nudes

Meet Joey, David and Don:

Physical Man Gay Nudes Models

Physical Man Joey

Physical Man Joey Naked

Physical Man David

Physical Man David Naked

Physical Man Don's Cock

Physical Man Don Naked

Gay Treason

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Gay Treason isn’t about the Homocon. It is vintage queer Nazisploitataion sleaze.

Gay Treason Nazisploitation Fiction

Jean-Robert LeCocq

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Jean-Robert LeCocq was a male model who was featured in In Touch, Mandate and Playgirl in the early 1980s. Despite his remarkably attractive face what I most remembered about him was his uncircumsized penis. An uncommon site in America back then. Evidently he appeared on the Graham Norton show last year.

Jean Robert LeCocq In Touch Cover

Jean Robert LeCocq In Touch Photograph

Jean Robert LeCocq Mandate Photo

Jean Robert LeCocq Playgirl Magazine Photograph

Jean Robert LeCocq Uncircumcised Penis

Two Queer Hustlers

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Joe Caruso and Ed Culver thought Queer Hustler the most apt title for their novels of male prostitution.

Queer Hustler

Queer Male Prostitute

The Magazine of Young Men

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A vintage male nude photography magazine:

Youth : The Magazine of Young Men and For Men Who Think Young.

Or any man who thinks of young men with lust in his heart.

Youth Vintage Gay Nude Photography Magazine

Naked Male Man

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Male Man was another short-lived publication that featured photographs of naked men.

Male Man Exercising in the Nude

Male Man in the Nude

Male Man Naked Photography Magazine

Male Man Nude Photograph

Alan Valdez

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Alan Valdez, handsome bodybuilder, fitness model is like a god to the cult that has grown around his manly beauty and perfect self-made body.

Alan Valdez Hispanic Bodybuilder Sex God

Alan Valdez Naked

Alan Valdez Naked Photograph

Alan Valdez Nude

Alan Valdez Nude Photograph

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