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More Male Nudists

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M.A.N. Male Athletic Nudists #2

MAN Male Athletic Nudes

European Male Nudists

Gay Male Nudism in Europe

Group of Gay Male Nudists

Handsome Gay Male Nudist

Philosophy of Male Nudism

Philosophy of Male Nudism

Two Gay Male Nudists

Young Gay Male Nudist

Happy Young Male Nudists

Young Gay Male Nudists

MAN Male Athletic Nude Butts

Prior Male Nudists

Sexy Tommy Jones

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Tommy Jones was also in the more appealingly named Boy Chicks.

Jackoff Champs Tommy Jones Film

“He’s a rebel” always makes me laugh.

Tommy Jones Sexy Male Nude

Pity there weren’t more butt shots.

Tommy Jones Sexy Male Model

Eyes, hair, lips: All-Amerian hippie boy beauty.

Tommy Jones Sexy Cock Photograph

1970s centerfold.

Tommy Jones Sexy Boy Centerfold 1970s

Fo'c'sle Boy

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Looks like there may have been BDSM elements in Fo’c’sle Boy’s maritime adventures. The cabin boy as “Captain’s Bitch” is naval folklore I’ve never investigated.

An Adult Novel of Men in the Womanless World

Fo'c'sle Boy Carl Driver's homophife fiction

Male Athletic Nudist

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Male Athletic Nudist #1

Gay Nudist Magazine

You probably do prefer your male nudists to be athletic.

Gay Athletic Nudists

How do they keep their cocks from becoming erect?

Gay Nudist Cocks

You could watch male nudist movies.

Gay Nudist Movies

Hours of male nudist volleyball.

Gay Nudist Volleyball

And nudist pyramids.

Gay Nudist Pyramid

Gay Nudists

Male nudists like to have fun.

Gay Nudists Having Fun

Some might say these nudists look like rough trade.

Gay Nudists Rough Trade

Others would sing the praises of unretouhed photographs.

Gay Nudist Unretouched Photographs

More male nudist thrills to follow.

Did you enjoy these?

How To Become a Male Prostitute

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Before you go stand on street corners and sell your body you need to attend The Hustitute for advanced training in male prostitution.

How to Become a Male Prostitute

Honestly, I don’t think this guy would fetch much money.

Anybody remember The Happy Hustler, published back in the early 1970s.

Studies in Masculine Art

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This cover painting on an issue of Body Beautiful obviously inspired this Fizeek Art Quarterly cover.

Body Beautiful Painting

Premiere Male Nudes

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Premiere Number One was a male nudie magazine published in 1968 and aimed at gay men.

Premiere Number One 1968 Gay Magazine

Muscular model.

Muscular Nude Boy Pants Down

Sleeping blond twink (my favorite).

Vintage Naked Twink Sleeping

Inevitable vintage cowboy.

Vintage Naked Young Cowboy Model

Standard “Greek” pose.

Vintage Nude Boy Siting

Vintage Nude Model Standing

Well hung vintage model wearing a vest.

Vintage Well Hung Model Wearing Vest

World's Strongest Penis

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I shudder to think of the cock that could actually support a barbell.

Man Lifting Heavy Weight with His Penis

Queerbait From Mars

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Homosexuals From Outer-Space?

Here’s a weird bit of queer culture: appears to be the cover to a gay space opera cum romance novel. But I can’t find anything about Queerbait from Mars. Is it just a clever fake of a science fiction queer pulp?

He didn’t need a ray-gun to catch a man …

Queerbait From Mars : weird paperback cover art.

A boyfriend with green skin might be nice. I wonder how many gay men had fantasies about Mr. Spock (or for those too young to have been fond of Leonard Nimoy, the youth, Zachary Quinto, who plays young Spock).

Oh … right … that Star Trek slash fiction … but isn’t that produced by and for heterosexual girls?

Well Hung

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I don’t know where I found this photograph of a handsome, young well-endowed guy.

Nude Photo of a Young Man with a Big Cock

Locker-Room Lovers

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Locker-Room Lovers:

They were team mates and shame mates.

Plenty of gay men have fantasies involving a locker room. Most often the high school lockerroom and the school athletes. Athletes for better or worse being common objects of gay male lust.

Locker Room Lovers Gay Athletes

Naked Cowboy

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Another example of the cowboy archetype.

Naked Young Cowboy Photograph

Naked Male Butts

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Aces Up offered:

Over 100 young studs hard tight hot buns.

Young Studs Tight Buns

Gay Nude Models Naked Butt Photographs

Vintage Gay Nude Model Buttocks Photographs

Vintage naked buttocks male nude photography.

Nude Cowboy

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It wasn’t that long ago when I discovered to my surprise that the cowboy is an enduring icon of masculine sex appeal.

Vintage Photograph of a Nude Cowboy

David, Dennis, Greg, Wally Naked

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The blond cover boy of In Touch Special Edition #1 is David Keith Miller

David Keith Miller Coverboy
In Touch Special Edition Cover

The Gay Love Letters

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Back before we started doing everything online - before GayFriendFinder and OutPersonals gay men who wanted to find romance and sex without going to bars used classified personal ads. The Gay Love Letters seems to be about the ensuing correspondence.

Gay Love Letters Homosexual Dating Book

The Rawhide Male

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The Rawhide Male : portraits of the rugged man is tpical of much gay photography celebrating butch and masculine guys, in particular cowboys.

Rawhide Male Rugged Man

Naked Mentors

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Two images from an vintage homoerotic publication, Mentor, featuring two naked gay men showing affection.

Gay Nude Magazine Mentor Number Two

Two Nude Male Models Embracing Kissing

Naked Edwardians

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More vintage photos of naked men in The Edwardians. Marty Stew is the cover boy.

Edwardians Nude Marty Stew Photograph

Peter Chamberlain admires himself in the mirror

Edwardians Naked Peter Chamberlain Photograph

Two blond boys. First Franz Muller.

Edwardians Naked Franz Muller Picture

And a photograph of a very handsome and naked Lance Falkenburg.

Edwardians Nude Lance Falkenburg Photograph

Lastly a silly nude photo of a guy in a hat.

Silly Photograph of a Well Hung Man in a Straw Hat

Homosexuals Answer Back

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I suspect that the Homosexuals Answer Back article in this early 1960s issue of Dare magazine was pretty homophobic. Back then the equivalent of today’s Tea Partiers feared flouride being added to the drinking water.

Dare Magazine Homophobic Cover

Naked Young Champions

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Young Champ was a late 1960s gay publication with many photographs of naked young men.

Bob Anthony's Young Champ Magazine

Naked Marty

Naked Young Champion

Nude young Brian Idol.

Young Champ Male Model

Lastly rough trade for fans of that male hustler look.

Rough Trade Male Hustler

Bold! Twinks

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Some gay men do not like twinks. They find smooth guys too unmanly. But also some twink admirers can be a bit sickening with false romanticizing.

1970s photographs of twinkish guys from Bold!.

Bold Magazine Twink

Myself I am fond of - especially blond - twinky males.

Vintage Twink Photograph

Especially of their smooth backsides.

1970s Twink Photograph

Bold! Men

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Bold! was a 1970s magazine that featured photographs of naked hunks.

Bold Gay Photo Mag

Where would we be without blond guys?

Bold Nude Male Model

Muscular guys?

Bold Queer Photography

Or beautiful bottoms?

Bold Naked Male Model

Muscle Tone

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Don Cassini is the cover model for vintage homoerotic magazine Muscle Tone.

Don Cassini Male Model Muscle Tone

Muscle Tone Gay Porn Magazine

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