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Vintage Bodybuilder With a Whip

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Back in the days when this image of Bernie Ernst holding a whip was probably the most kinky image he might see it probably gave a male masochist a thrill.

Vintage Bodybuilder with Whip Bernie Ernst
Vintage Posing Strap S&M

Tomorrow's Man : Vintage Bodybuilding Magazine

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Tomorrows Man Vintage Bodybuilding
Vintage Physique Magazine

Tomorrow's Man : Successful Bodybuilding

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Tomorrows Man Successful Bodybuilding
Build New Muscle By Summer!

Tomorrow's Man Special

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Tomorrows Man Special
Tomorrow’s Man Special Issue

Tomorrow's Man : America's Best Physiques

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Tomorrows Man America's  best Physiques (20K)
America’s Best Physiques

Spartacus as Male Underwear Model

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Fashion ad emulating the homoeroticism of the Athletic Model Guild’s posing strap photography.

Spartacus of Male Underwear Models

Male Androgyny

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For me androgyny is pure clear quill erotic Thionite. It isn’t merely a matter of sexual attraction. The whole space time continuum seems brighter and cheerier.

Male Androgyny Fashion Model White Suit

One of the appealing images at the fashion house of Kurt&Bart.

More Bill Eld

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More vintage photographs of Bill Eld whose exceptionally long penis made him an iconic model for many gay men in the 1970s (those size queens!).

Bill Eld Big Cock

Bill Eld's Penis


As a young gay man my experience of homoerotic pornography was passive. If someone had porn magazines I’d look at them. But I never bought even one. Given my tastes I’m more likely to be aroused by a model in a sweater catalog than gay porn.

Nostalgia has caused me to look at more of the queer erotica of those days than I did when it was being produced. Even though I hadn’t been paying attention when I saw Bill Eld’s face the recognition was instant.

His photograph must have appeared in many, many magazines. Not that it was his face that gave him so much success. It was his penis. He must have had one of the most celebrated cocks of his time.

Bill Eld

The Male Movie Magazine

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The movie Blonds Do It Best proves that blonds do have more fun.

Skinflicks Blond Gay Male Porn Stars

Nude Gay Men Embrace

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Homoerotic romantic love and naked queer sex.

Naked Homosexuals in Bed Hugging

Gay Vista

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Pity there was never a scene like this on Adam 12. But Adam 12 was too early and too square. Queers just didn’t fit into the universe of officers Reed and Malloy. At the time LAPD cops were infamous fag bashers and the Los Angeles police force considered one of the most conspicuously homophobic in America.

Mike was the copy who mopped up — Gay Vista

Gay Vista Homophobic Police Officer?

Gay Whore

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Is the blond male supposed to be the other guy’s prostitute or kept boy? Or did the editor think Gay Whore an exciting title and didn’t care if it matched the contents of the novel?

Gay Male Whore Prostitute

Boy Toy

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If you build him they will cum.

Android Gay Male Sex Toy
Robot Rent Boy?

Syndicate Sex

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There’s a comedy I think about two gay hitmen who have to keep their sexuality a secret from their mob bosses. This trashy novel about gay mafia members surely precedes that film. There are gay men in organized crime as their are in all trades. I wonder how much worse it is for the ordinarily civilian closeted gay man.

Syndicate Sex Homosexual Mafioso

Loving Homoerotic Bondage

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The opinions of the ignorant aside there is plenty of room for tenderness and romance in Master / slave relationships.

Loving Homoerotic Bondage

Midtown Queen

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Urban gay men as “gym queens” is a stereotype that persists to this day.

He muscled his way in as a -

Midtown Queen : Urban Gay Man Exercising in the Gym.

Nude Guitar Player

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The cover boy of this issue of The Young Physique magazine is Shane Davidson.

Young Physique Magazine Cover Boy Playing Guitar

Since the young man is wearing a cowboy hat I guess he’s playing country music on his guitar.

Naked Boy Playing Guitar in Cowboy Hat

Sadistic Male Fashion Model?

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Is this male fashion model a sadist?

Probably not. He’s also wearing a collar with an O ring. Not normally the garb of a top.

Kink and fetish imagery have been a part of fashion photography for some years now.

Male Fashion Model in Leather Holding Riding Crop

I have no idea who the young model is.

Boy in Cutoff Jeans

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Shirtless young hunks in tight short cutoffs is how many gay men remember the 1970s.

Shirtless Hunk Cutoff Jeans Penis Visible

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