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Submissive Male Model?

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Dolce & Gabbana has toyed with heterosexual dominance and submission in their advertising. Were the man kissing a woman’s hand I’d assumed that was the purpose here. Since it is a man that is bowing and kissing another man’s hand I’m wondering if there’s some story element that I’m missing.

Submissive Male Fashion Model

Gay Boys in Love

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Or tender lust. Romance takes many forms and comes in many shadings, colors and hues.

Two Gay Boys In Love

What Do You Say To a Naked Banjo Player


I don’t know. Luckily nude banjo players aren’t a common sight.

Larry Perier The Young Physique Magazine Cover
Larry Perier The Young Physique Magazine Cover

Larry Perier Playing the Banjo Naked
Larry Perier Playing the Banjo Naked

This vintage youth has a peculiar abode.

3-D Gay Porn

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Avatar’s success has people talking too glibly about more 3-D movies and 3-D TV. The fad will fade just as it did in the 1950s.

Someone will probably produce 3-D gay pornography. Just as they did long ago:

The First Full-Length Gay Film in 35mm

The Biggest Male Film Ever!!!!

… Just Reach Out and Touch it! When the Action Erupts You’re Right in the Middle of a Shower of Erotica …

The double-entendre machine was in overdrive when that ad copy was written.

3D Gay Porn Movie Manhold

Actually it never really says it is a 3-D movie or mentions requiring special glasses. Were they just being misleading … ?

Beautiful Blond Boy of Days Gone Bye

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Homoerotic photograph of an exceptionally lovely blond physique model.

Rob Chapman young blond male model exceptional body handsome face.
Rob Chapman

Hooded Bondage Slave

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Moving on from Male Slave Bondage Training Continues we have a sequences featuring a helpless man bound and hooded.

Hooded Bondage Slave

Male Slave Bondage Training Continues

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Continuing from Slave Trains Slave the beta slave is introduced to armbinders, being gagged and hooded.

Gay Slave Armbinders

Slave Trains Slave

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A man applies to serve Master. Master is busy. He assigns his trained bondage slave to break in the new slave.

Junior bondage master
Junior Master

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