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Homosexual Affection

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Sweet innocent carnality of youth.

Homosexual affection

Young Butt Full

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Given the top of this old gay porn novel it seems like we should be seeing this guy from the rear.

Young Butt Gay Male Porn Novel

Gallery of Bizarre Delights

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You smile a wise and knowing smile. How common, pedestrian these shackles and binders are. Back when Gay Bondage was published I had no idea that you could buy bondage toys, whips and outfit your own private dungeon.

Gallery of bizarre delights

More Rope Bondage in the Woods

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Continued from More Male Rope Bondage. Master and his slave are still having fun in the woods.

Bondage Games
Bondage Games Continue

Bondage Games Tied to a Post
Tied to a Post

Bondage Games Fun with Rope
Fun with Rope

Bondage Games Tied Male Slave
Tied Male Slave

Have a Queer New Year

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Male buttocks homosexual new year
Pretty Male Butt

Vintage Homoerotic New Year

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Vintage Homoerotic Gay Male New Year

Gene Bilbrew: Bottoms Up

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I always prefer bottoms down.

A gay bar in San Francisco … A real camping time. For innocent (but not for long) Jamie Corwin it meant a place where he could cruise and meet buddies. Young Jamie is seen as a rugged cowboy in the rugged cattle country of Oregon where Rex initiates him into the seamy side of life. After a wild ‘roundup’ in a bunkhouse where Rex is punished, we follow Jamie to the Good Fairy Bar in San Francisco. […]

Gene Bilbrew Vintage Gay Paperback Cover Art
Bottoms Up (Unique Books)

Cover art by Gene Bilbrew. I’m certainly curious about the interior illustrations. I’ve never felt Bilbrew’s gay cover art showed any feeling for the theme.

Naked Weightlifting

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Workout inspiration for weightlifters.

Homoerotic photograph: Two naked gay weightlifters working out

Two Guys Smooching

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Been too long since I posted a photo of homoerotic romantic affection.

Two gay hunks kissing, making out.

Queens in Drag

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My own gay agenda makes me want to keep this site shy of sissyfication stuff, it is mostly a thing heterosexuals do.

This purports to be about female impersonators. A few straight men have done that but none of the ones I personally know of.

Queens in Drag Female Impersonators

See also Cherchez la Femme … in Drag

Elsewhere see the Feminization and Sissyfication archives.

Naval Flogging

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Two vintage male physique models playing at BDSM for the camera.

Naval flogging vintage male physique models

More Male Rope Bondage

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Continued from last time. Still out in the woods. A naked man bound by rope. Dressed tied to a handy old fence post.

Naked man in rope bondage

Lecherous Queers

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A return to the bad old days. Hard to believe this novel was written for sale to a gay male audience and not homophobic Baptists:

Hungry for success, he prostituted himself with a lecherous queer.

Pity the cover copy isn’t more explicit:

When he ran out of perverted sex acts, he invented some new ones?

Any Sex Will Do : male prostitute

It sounds as the author or editor was so violently homophobic - perhaps repressed - he couldn’t control the urge to insult the very audience he hoped would buy his novel about a male hustler.

Dave liked girls until he tried ---

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The cover testifies that this novel shows the fragile nature of heterosexuality:

Dave liked girls until he tried —- A Few of the Boys

Straight man converted into gay heterosexual to homosexual conversion

Pity poor heterosexual Dave who found gay sex irresistible.

If Dave needed help he could have looked at How To Be a Gay Man.

Bondage Games

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Master and slave go out in the woods to begin a series of bondage games.

Bondage game
Bondage Games Played Outdoors 1

The Naïve Homosexual

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There I am at age eighteen. Incredibly naïve and just arrived in the big city* off the Greyhound bus.

The Naïve Homosexual

* Atlanta, which wouldn’t seem quite so big after moving around the US a bit.

Weekend Homo

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Hetero conversion or bisexual self-discovery?

Chad was a happily married man … until that day when he wandered into a gay bar by mistake …

One of the more bizarre arguments homophobes used to make was that men could be converted into homosexuals. That somehow the thrills and excitement of being gay would transform a guy. One can assume their own lives were flat and pedestrian and presented with actual pleasure they felt there’s be no resisting it.

Weekend Homo bisexual man

If Chad needed help he could have looked at How To Be a Gay Man.

The Gay Game


As presented by the cover copy this appears to be a novel about an bisexual married man’s infidelity:

Have you ever seen paperback cover art where the artist had more defective perspective?

Tiring of his sex-hungry wife he sought the arms of another man.

The Gay Game: novel about an unfaithful bisexual husband.

Who would you feel sorrier for:

  • A closeted gay man?
  • Or the sexually frustrated wife he cheats on?

Queer Hustler

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Two Queer Hustlers

Classic prostitute beneath a lamp post scene. An actually fetching silhouette.

Queer Hustler male prostitute

On Sunset Strip, Kenny was known as a wild piece of “rough trade.” Five bucks and a shower, no need to scrub your own back.

$5 - a clear testimony of inflation.

Queer Hustler rough trade

I don’t think this can be Kenny. Rough trade he isn’t.

Boot Worship

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From a fashion spread for a maker of boots?

BDSM: gay male boot worship

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