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Mr. Fancy-Panties

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You have to give credit to coming up with a title that says homosexual without using the word.

He was the dainty darling of the dorm!

Mr. Fancy Panties, about a gay man in a college dorm.

One of the more popular theme in homespun gay male erotica is having sex when at college and living in the dorms. Often being the unwilling dorm bitch used by all the straight guys.

Playgirl Magazine December 1977

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The 1977 Christmas issue of Playgirl offered Ten Foolproof Ways to Ruin a Good Relationship. Myself, I never needed advice.

Playgirl Magazine December 1977
Playgirl Magazine December 1977

Two samples of the interior:

Gay Freedom 1970

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Two years after this gay liberation poster came out so did I.

I never experienced the social, political or emotional bondage symbolized by their chains. I’ve been very luck in that.

1970s Gay Liberation poster showing gay males in chains (political bondage).

But I’ve loved those who were damaged by homophobia and try to never forget how recent and even tenuous the freedom of gay men and women is.

Entry 200)

Homophobic Laws

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Thankfully in America the days when police would raid gay bars - most often when the local district attorney was either running for re-election or hoping for higher office - are gone. I think that finally ended in the 1970s.

But the land of the free is still capable of not letting known homosexuals into the US.

Homophobic American Laws

And gay marriage …

Heterosexual marriages must be pathetic if the tea partying straights think gay weddings can damage it.

Gay Moments in Advertising

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Forty years later it would be the despicably middle-of-the-road gay men who would be bitching about female impersonators in advertisements.

Female impersonators 1960s gay advertising

Playgirl Magazine October 1977

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Playgirl October 1977 offered advice on seducing college professors.

Playgirl Magazine October 1977
Playgirl Magazine October 1977

The male models included:

Playgirl February 1977

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Playgirl February 1977 was a Valentine’s Day issue and featured articles like “The 60-Second Period” and “The Boy-Rapist Next Door”.

Playgirl Magazine Valentine Issue February 1977
Playgirl Magazine February 1977

A short sampling of the interior’s male photography:

Is Santa a Sadist? Is Santa Gay?

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This Santa Claus looks anything but jolly.

Why is this blond guy getting an over-the-knee spanking with that paddle. And why is Santa watching?

Santa watches a gay man give another guy an over the knee spanking.

Is Santa in the closet? What are Santa’s dark secrets?

Gun = Penis

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Undercover promises to give us the story:

A young vice-cop fights to hide his own perverse desires.

Which reminds us that it has often been closeted gay men who have engaged in the nastiest homophobic behavior.

Undercover homosexual vice cop

The art director had no use for subtlety.

The Lavender Elves

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Once gay lavender as a code word for gay.

He loved in the never-never world of …

Elves - is this an attempt to say fairies?

Lavender Elves a gay novel.

Blondie certainly has that look - doesn’t he?

Posing Strap Model Bondage

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Vintage physique models in faux rope bondage.

Vintage physique posing strap model in rope  bondage

Man's Greatest Tragedy and Fear!

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Man Divided:

He had to chose - a half world or a world of woman’s love.

Half world was a not uncommon code phrase for homosexual. The use of woman rather than women surprised me but the reference must be to a specific heterosexual romance failing.

A novel that explores with honesty a man’s greatest tragedy - and fear.

It is I who have divided feelings. Being gay was surely awful tough back then but having never known shame for my sexuality and having accepted my father’s rejection sympathy is very hard for me to actually feel.

Fear. Fear is certainly what is behind so much homophobia.

Man afraid he is a homosexual.

Divided. Is the man is supposed to be bisexual? Then he need not choose anything but enjoy males and females.

More Male Slave Bondage

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Male rope bondage photographs continue, this time incorporating a ball gag.

Kneeling man tied with rope

Skid Row Sweetie

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A novel of a homeless gay man who practiced poverty with a queer eye?

Rod was every wino’s —-
Skid Row Sweetie

Or one man’s pursuit of rough trade?

Homeless Gay Men - Skid Row Sweetie.

Santa Claus in Bondage

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Is Santa a bottom?

Gay Santa Claus in Bondage

Queer Turkey

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No, I don’t mean that man at the bar last night.

Gay Symbolic Thanksgiving Turkey
Gay Thanksgiving Turkey

Queer Beer

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Naturally the first beer to advertise directly to gay men was brewed in San Francisco.

Beer for homosexual men

Man in Rope Bondage

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Rope bondage continued from an earlier post: hands tied behind back, hog tie, upside down bondage.

Leatherman rope bondage

Saw Mill S&M

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That saw blade makes this seem a bit like a gay Perils of Pauline.

Man whipping another bound man with a belt.

Ah, belt whippings …

From Butch.


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SlaveMaster, queer Leatherman erotica from the mid seventies.

SlaveMaster Magazine First Issue

For me this is the interior page of interest. The rest are just sex in a bondage context. No real S&M.

SlaveMaster BDSM Gay Leathermen

Rope Bondage

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Hot & Hung!

When you find that one in a million slave that has already had training and needs a new master, then you can really enjoy strict bondage.

Hot and hung in strict rope bondage.

The Hustitute

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The title suggest the book features the scholarship of male prostitution or the training of rent boys.

Gay hustler novel The Hustitute

It is easy to imagine a movie about a school for male escorts. Preferably a comedy and not a melodrama.

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