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Rubber and Latex

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Gay pornographic film star Jack Wrangler modeling a “Dracula” latex cape. This sort of thing never caught on with gay men.

Jack Wrangler wearing latex.

The penile briefs’ options included a built-in dildo or a sheath for an external vibrator.

(Male) Hustler Number 3

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A Complete Photo Study of Young Men on the Make

The cover boy is Bill Eld. Exceptionally well-hung, he had what was surely one of the most photographed penises of the 1970s.

Male Hustler magazine Bill Eld photo cover.

Stockroom Bondage

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A lazy stockroom clerk is caught slacking off and finds himself gagged and wearing armbinders as punishment.

Gay Stockroom Boy

Gay Guy With Hands Tied Behind His-Back

Gay Man Wearing Arm Binders

Gay Man Bound With Arm Binders Straps

Gay Male Slave Bound -Gagged

More Men in Strap Bondage

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Two more examples of how to restrain a man using straps and ladders as in the prior entry.

Strap Bondage for Male Slaves

Strap Bondage with a ladder

Strap Bondage

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Depicted below are basics of restraining and rendering helpless your male slave or bondage bottom.

Strap Bondage

Gay Bondage One

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The very first issue of an all male magazine focusing on bondage and discipline. Published in 1974.

Gay Bondage Magazine First Issue

Gay Male Incest?


I’ve always found the cover of My Son … My Lover disturbing. The notion of father / son gay male incest is difficult for me to get my mind around. Not of course that it necessarily what happens in the novel. It might be Daddy / son role playing. But probably not. Very likely the publisher was misleadingly titillating the better to sell his book.

cMy Son, My Lover : a novel of gay male incest.

Tab and Tony


It was only recently that I learned that Tab Hunter and Tony Perkins were lovers. That knowledge added greatly to my pleasure when I ran across this photo of them arm in arm.

Tab Hunter and his lover Anthony Perkins

Here’s Hunter with Roddy McDowell. The latter managed to live a life of amazing discretion and inoffensiveness.

Tab Hunter with Roddy McDowell

Male Slaves on Their Knees?

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Male slaves? Well - to be fair - they may just be relaxing, resting. But you can use your imagination.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a blond twink on his knees?

Beautiful blond twink on his knees

He’s certainly make a handsome slave. Is that chain link part of a cage?

Handsome slave boy on his knees

This young man actually looks as if he’s expressing submission.

Submissive man kneeling in submission

Hunk in Tape Bondage

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A hunk bound by tape listing to music. What is he listening to? Slave conditioning from his Master? Madonna’s Celebration?

Man bound in tape bondage photograph.

Male Fashion Model in Bondage

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More male fashion models engaged in BDSM lite, in this case rope (sort of) bondage.

Male Fashion Model in Rope Bondage Tied to Tree

Tom of Finland's Decline

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An unexpected source of homoerotic art criticism.

Tom of Finland Humor

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