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How To Be a Gay Man

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From an early 1970s feature offering instruction on being a gay man.

Homosexual Handbook

Misinformation about sexual orientation that has mostly been dispelled but remains popular with Baptist preachers and similar ilk.

The decision on whether or not to become gay is one which can only be made by the individual, but it should be made.

As it says the issue of gay marriage has proven to be a very long, very sad and foolish struggle.

Playgirl Magazine January 1977

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Playgirl Magazine January 1977. Actor James Caan was the celebrity cover model.

Playgirl Magazine January 1977 James Caan

Blindfolded Supermodel

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Supermodel Garrett Neff for Australia’s Calibre. You can’t really push this into faux bondage but an attractive image nonetheless.

Garrett Neff Blindfolded

Playgirl Magazine July 1976

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Ron Yarbrough was the coverboy of Playgirl Magazine July 1976. A perfect example of the surfer boy / blond twin of the 1970s.

Playgirl Magazine July 1976

Playgirl Magazine February-March 1973

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Since Playgirl magazine’s first issue was for the month of June you may wonder how this issue could exist. It is the second of two preview issues of the magazine.

Playgirl Magazine February March 1973

Macramé Male Bondage

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One way to insure that your male slave enhances your home’s decor.

Queer Male Macrame Bondage

Two More Boys Kissing

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I’ve never inhibited my own urges for public displays of same-sex affection. I hope you’ve been equally lucky.

Homosexual public display of affection

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