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Male Pole Dancer

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Cover photograph of Vogue Hommes Japan by Steven Klein.

Homoerotic photograph of a male stripper wearing heavy boots.

Edilson Nascimento's Naked Butt

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Surely pantsless photographs beat shirtless pictures. Greg Vaughan Photographer. Entire layout.

Edilson Nascimento buttocks

Le Male's Key

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Le Male - the Paul Gaultier fragrance - has a promotional gimmick, a USB key that emits the fragrance while you work at your PC.

Sexy male USB key with bulging crotch

The crotch bulge makes the gender absolutely clear.

Beautiful Boy Hanging by Chains


I like everything about this photograph from Male Submission Art. I like his face, hair, shirt but - most of all - the flower between his teeth.

Beautiful boy hanging by chains flower in his mouth

Boy in a Cage

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I can’t help but feel it should be a gilded cage.

Slave boy kneeling in a cage

Gay Aliens Found in UFO Wreck!

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Just imagine an invasion of queer extraterrestrials. This bit of weird trash reminds me of Queerbait From Mars.

Homosexual extraterrestrials found in UFO crash. Outer space queers!

Wrestlers Embrace

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I suspect this is supposed to be two young physique models wrestling but the romantic power of imagination can transform it into a display of affection.

Muscular young gay wrestlers embrace.

Brian Buzzini BDSM

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Three sample photographs from a kinky 1998 Instinct photographic spread.

The hugely popular Brian Buzzini here looking like a Master on the prowl.

Brian Buzzini Leather Master with Cane

Larry Scott : Demi-God

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Unlike many vintage physique magazine models Larry Scott’s reputation was once that of a demigod. At least in the world of bodybuilding.

Larry Scott, Demi-God Bodybuilder.

Young Physique

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When Adonis and Body Beautiful gave up the ghost their subscribers received The Young Physique. The last image is by Bruce of LA.

Young Physique magazine, combining Adonis and Body Beautiful.

Gay Male Love and Sex

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A passionate homoerotic embrace for sure:

Gay male sex and love, homoerotic embrace.

Same Sex Affection

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Perhaps just two male fashion models posing for the camera. Still makes a pleasing photograph.

Two male fashion models showing affection for each other.

Wicked French Angel Boys' Strange Love

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Les Mauvais Anges might translate as The Bad Angels. One publisher has reissued the book in English as Wicked Angels.

The frank and brilliant novel of two French boys who shared a strange and secret love.

Eric Jourdan seems to have published a fair amount of French homoerotic fiction including the pleasant sounding Le Garçon de joie.

Two French Gay Boys, Les Mauvais Anges (French gay novel).

To Want a Boy

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Every time I saw the cover of To Want a Boy it nagged at me that I’d originally seen the novel with a different title.

To Want a Boy

One Guy in Another's Lap

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Another photograph of same-sex affection way back when.

Gay male in another man's lap.

Gay Men Embrace (Vintage Photograph)

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Long ago in a small American town.

Two Gay Guys Kissing

Two Men Kissing

Two Sailors Holding Each Other

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Two members of a different Navy than the prior photograph.

Photograph of two gay male sailors.

Gay Sailors Kiss

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How big a risk was it to take this photograph?

Two Gay Sailors Kissing

Back then instead of don’t ask, don’t tell it was don’t get beaten up, don’t get killed.

Blond Gay Boys Kissing

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Two gay guys kissing: always a joyous sight.

Two blond gay males embraced in a kiss.

Kept Kid

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One of those old kept boy soft porno novels. Pretty tacky cushions aren’t they?

Kept Kid, photo illustrated adult gay novel.

Bed Bondage

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BDSM lite: male bound to bed. Since most of his face is hidden his appearance is whatever you fantasize it to be.

Handsome man bound to bed in bondage.

Gay Boy

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This Gay Boy appears to be a porn star:

A probing look at the gay boys and the films which are made to satisfy their perverse hungers!

Gay Boy Porn Actor

Gay Boy Returns as a kept boy.

He was all things to all men —- kept boy! But no matter what they did to him, it was never enough!

Gay Boy, Kept Boy

But what kind of gay boy are you?

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