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Big Stud on Campus

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Steve was a big man on campus —- and an even bigger man in the bedroom!

B.S.O.C. - Big Stud on Campus.

Butch Stud

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Opposed to femme stud?

Butch Stud Vintage Queer Paperback

California Creamin'

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California Dreamin’ was a hit song by The Mamas and the Papas.

California Creamin paperback.

High School Hustlers

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High School Hustlers is certainly a title with lots of fantasy appeal.

The cover copy suggests bogus sentimentality:

A blackmailer turns a school kid into a gay hustler!

High School Hustlers (Gay Novel)

Young males are more sexualized today - television was having that effect even before the web - so I can’t speculate what unlikely things may have actually happened. But my mind feels nothing but doubt.

Discoroma : The Aroma for Dancers

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Discoroma : A Liquid Incense

Usually amyl has been marketed to gay men using more masculine names. I recall Locker Room and Jockoroma. I wonder how well this faux-blacktie approach worked.

Discoroma : amyl nitrate marketing to gay men.

Kneeling in Chains

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Admittedly the chains aren’t locked but this male model would make quite a pretty slave, wouldn’t he?

Chained male model, slave on his knees.

Submissive Bodybuilder

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A surprisingly moving vintage photograph of cuffed, kneeling bodybuilder bowing in submission.

Submissive, muscular male slave.

From V-M-P Vintage Male Physique.

Peter Berlin Dominates Peter Berlin

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1970s gay male sex symbol and icon Peter Berlin had one of the defining imaginations of eroticism and sexual imagery among gay men.

What I find intriguing in this photograph is the ambiguity. I can see it as a reflection of his self-control as he dominates himself. Or ambiguity as two parts of him each confronts the other.

Peter Berlin gay sex symbol domination photograph

Deep Lavender

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Probably one of the more tender, even romantic books of the time.

Gavin’s valley of dolls was tinted - Deep Lavender.

Deep Lavender, vintage queer paperback.

Mr. Muscle Boy

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Don’t you wish that some of the following were true:

Bodybuilders and Physique Photographers … The strange world of beefcake for sale. The bold truth about the male physique photo business. A behind the scenes glimpse of the “boys in leather.”

Domineering and Compelling!

Muscle Boy, Gene Bilbrew

I think the cover is by Gene Bilbrew.

Stud Seeker

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Don’t go looking for this kind of stud finder at Home Depot.

Stud Seeker - vintage gay novel.

Male Underwear Model in Bondage

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Male model Felipe Fornazier in faux bondage.

Felipe Fornazier Bondage Model

Felipe Fornazier Male Model Rope Bondage

Photographs © Didio


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Whether Zeus whisked Ganymede away to Olympus to become his lover or the god’s cup-bearer for centuries he has been a homoerotic emblem of the youthful male lover.

How odd that Ganymede should appear in an American beer advertisement.

Ganymede with Zeus

Muscle Gods in Bondage

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Some of the athletes in last year’s Gods of the Stadium calendar were bound by chains and shackles.

Muscle man in shackles.

Homosexual Cruising

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Why, we go cruising so that we can fulfill our gay agenda by recruiting heterosexual men.

How and Why Homosexuals Go
In Vivid Color and Action

Homosexual Cruising

How Do You Make Someone Gay?

Hirsute Club : Wanted Hairy Men

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For Hairy Men who Love Hairy Men

Hairy Gay Men Wanted

Golden Boys : Cowboy

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Call me fussy but this young faux cowboy smoking a cigarette is what comes to my mind when I think of Golden Boys.

Golden Boys : cowboy smoking cigarette

Admittedly it is all very subjective.

The Young Physique

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This The Young Physique male model looks less like an ancient warrior and more like a young man from the farmbelt who is wondering if mom and dad will ever see this photograph.

Young Physique: Ancient Warrior.

How To Spot a Gay Clone

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Long ago my momma sent me a box containing a pair of black Army boots and a couple of flannel shirts. Not much later I moved to San Francisco. Walking down Castro Street with me a straight friend said “There sure are a lot of people here who look like you.” My momma couldn’t have been more surprised than I was.

Gay Men and the Castro Clone look of the 1970s.
Pseudo-masculine look of the 1970s.

More David Keith Miller

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More homoerotic photographs of blond golden boy David Keith Miller, from In Touch and Playgirl.

David Keith Miller: In Touch Magazine.

David Keith Miller

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Playgirl Magazine March 1977 had the celebrity cover common at the time, in this instance John Travolta.

Playgirl Magazine : John Travolta.

Muscular blond young man David Keith Miller had less than a dozen photographs published in Playgirl but that has proven enough to leave him with a small, passionate cult following.

David Keith Miller, muscular blond boy in Playgirl magazine.

Photo-Book of Oral Homosexuality

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Mouthful - the title brings a smile to my own mouth.

Photo Book of Oral Homosexuality

I don’t think fellatio requires a photographic guidebook.

He #1

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He - probably the shortest name of a gay skin magazine ever.

He First Issue (Gay Magazine)

Gay Vet

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An interesting theme for an old gay erotic novel.

Charlie was scared at first but Dur pursuaded him …

Gay Vet by Ross Hossannah

Pursuaded = persuaded + pursued?

The National Magazine of Closeted Gay Men

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Casey Donovan aka Cal Culver is the only porn star I ever met. He was working as an escort for a service I was working for in San Francisco.

Casey Donovan, Cal Culver After Dark Photograph Cover.

Ryder Knight in Bondage

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Early 1980s gay bondage photography:

Ryder Knight Tied Up

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