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Gay Rape


That some gay men have fantasies of being raped is no surprise and Gay Rape: Forced … Sexual Acts catered to that erotic inclination.

Gay Male Rape Fantasies.

I suspect fantasies of being taken ‘against’ your will are especially common among gay males who have grown up surrounded by homophobic heterosexual people and have no examples of men who happily and openly desire other guys.

Thankfully the friends I’ve had with rape fantasies turned out just fine.

Captives in Lavender

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This old queer paperback has meaningless cover copy:

Passion gave them the off-color blues!

Captive in Lavender

Brothers in Love

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A novel of gay male incest by the prolific “Don Holiday” with a Robert Bonfiles cover. The poodle tells you they must be homos!

Sun-bronzed and sultry sincestuous —-

Brothers in Love, Robert Bonfils cover art.

Battle of the Underwear Models

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Quaintly homoerotic photograph of two male underwear models fighting in what looks like a background for a fantasy film.

Underwear models fantasy fight.

Twink Twins

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When I saw this pair of twin twink boy fashion models I remembered how popular identical brothers have been as icons of gay male sexuality.

Twin twinks
From Models.com.

Twink brothers
I forget the name of these identical twin brothers.

Brewer twins naked
How could I not leave you the brothers with the longest homoerotic history: the Brewer Twins.

See more photgraphs of twins and brothers.

Another Beautiful Male Body

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Another Body Beautiful : Studies in Masculine Art cover.

Body Beautiful : Studies in Masculine Art.

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