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Male Slave in Chains

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Gay Male Slave in Chains.

100th Entry.

American Apollo Number 1

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Your Health Guide

1958 first issue of a male physique magazine.

American Apollo, 1958, first issue.

Are you sexually impotent?

Fee Males

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You can take the title Fee Males two ways:

  • That queer males are like females - the old stereotype that we are all effeminate.
  • Fee as in money. The novel is about rent boys, male hustlers.

Fee Males Queer Paperback

He appears to be in a marathon. Perhaps the Olympics - the torch sort of implies that.

Poor fellow, he looks so miserable, doesn’t he?

Boy's Boys

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While Eric Stanton concentrated on Femdom fetish illustration he did covers for a handful of gay novels.

Eric Stanton, Boy's Boys cover art.

New in town? Just checked into the YMCA?

Blond Youth in Bondage

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Perhaps the bound young man is meant to be an ancient Greek or Roman slave.

Blond youth in bondage.

Homoerotic Hercules

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Hercules vs the Hydra

An attractive Body Beautiful cover of the god Hercules slaying the Hydra. How carefully one of the Hydra heads is placed.

Homoerotic cover Body Beautiful of God Hercules.

American Manhood

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Does anyone really think this cover was designed to entice heterosexual men? Physical culture was one of the many code words back in the bad old days.

American Manhood : The Muscle Building and Physical Culture Magazine.

The Twilight Sex

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Carlson Wade, a hack writer, mostly of nutrition books.

A Bold and Penetrating Exposure Of Habits And Practices Among Homosexuals - Their Causes, Cures, Personal Case Histories …

“Cures” - how disgusting that idea persists to this day.

The Twilight Sex by Carlson Wade.

Song of Alexander

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Classical studies continue into Mary Renault territory with a man of the ancient world more celebrated than Emperor Elagabalus. Alexander the Great remembered by gay men not because he was a gifted military leader but for his male lovers.

He was the warrior queen of the ancient world.

Song of Alexander the Great.

Duct Tape Gag

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A photograph by Adam Bouska for the No H8 Campaign.

No to H8Campaign

Child of the Sun

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Department of Classical Studies

Child of the Sun appears to be the story of gay Roman Emperor Elagabalus (sometimes, Heliogabalus). Most famous for trying to make sun worship the main cult of the Roman Empire. Supposedly he gave his boyfriends important political offices. He was an unpopular ruler and the accounts left of him were written by his enemies.

The makeup lets the reader know that the Emperor is a pervert, probably a homo.

Elagabalus aka Heliogabalus : Gay Roman Emperor

The authors wrote quite a bit of trashy historical fiction including Plantation Romances (lots of whips and interracial sex).

Masked Muscleman

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Is he a Master or slave? I have no idea. Roll your own fantasy.

Muscular man in leather hood.
Muscular man wearing a leather hood.

Do You Worship Gay Gods?

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This particular pantheon requires nothing more than strong thighs, a deep chest and shapely biceps. These gods make queer men mad with lust.

The Gay Gods

Who’s your gay god?

Interracial Boyfriends

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The Boyfriends is an attractive title for a gay skin magazine. And this is a mighty attractive cover.

Interracial boyfriends magazine cover.

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