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Beach Boy

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Beach boys and muscle boys are permanent parts of gay erotica. Sadly as the cover copy shows even some of the men who produced gay porn were homophobes:

Miami Beach and Gay Tourists —- Suntanned muscle boys for sale to perverted tourists. See what happens in these gay Florida fleshpots, and the darkened beaches and palatial private homes. Follow the adventures of young Corky in the fairyland that is Miami Beach during the gay holiday season. Bikini Boys … Queer Beach Queens!

The cover artist is Gene Bilbrew, best known for his heterosexual fetish work.

Gene Bilbrew: Beach Boy.

Gay Male BDSM

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A Master with His chains.

Master's Chains.

Homosexuality : The International Disease

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Homosexuality : The International Disease reminds us that some homophobic heterosexual people think being gay is communicable, like swine flu. While there are fewer of these hateful straight folk, there are still too many. Queer youth suffer at the hands of the insensitive and spiteful.

Homosexuality : The International Disease.

Queer Cowpokes

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Super Spur continues the unintended queer cowpoke theme.

Super Spur, gay western.

Cowboy Hunk

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I’m not especially fond of cowboys but this Body Beautiful cover is really quite appealing isn’t it?

Body Beautiful Cowboy Hunk

The Master Cowboy

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Looks like a bit of BDSM on the ranch. Being a slave ranch-hand, farm-hand is a common enough fantasy.

Master Cowboy BDSM?

Affection (1970s)

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Two gay men kissing or …

Two muscular gay men kissing.

… touching …

Two muscular gay men showing affection.

… remains beautiful forever.


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Male physique art reminiscent of but not as homoerotically pleasing - to my eye - as some of the best of Body Beautiful.

Demi-Gods Homoerotic Cover Art

Swede Lips

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Racism in Queer Porn?

I’ve had this image of the cover art of what appears to be a horrifically trashy gay erotic novel for years. I’ve never seen racist gay erotica like this elsewhere. Hope it was a singular instance on very bad judgment.

Swede Lips - racist gay erotica?

Hung Man

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Does any man in gay porn have less than Ten Inches?

Hung Man (Bulging Crotch Cover)

G.I. Jock

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Looks akin to Gay Soldier.

G.I. Jock

Gay Soldier

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Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell. Just Do

Christopher and Link shared a bond of love that no one could break —— until that explosive day in Nicaragua.

Gay Soldier (Lambda Press)

Giant Masters

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Some heterosexual guys have fantasies about giantesses. Probably some gay men have similar fantasies about gigantic masters.

Giant leather master photo.

Queen's Delight

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Often the cover illustration will suggest whether the intended audience for a book about feminine men was aimed at the heterosexual sissyfication market or at gay transvestites. But this panty-wearing male holding a bra suggests no qualities at all.

Queens Delight

Sherbet and Sodomy

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Marble Palaces Of Sherbet And Sodomy

So Lord Byron described the Turkish baths of the 19th century.

L.V. Ebbing's gay novel Sherbet and Sodomy.

I have no idea what goes on in the pages but it is a rarely inviting cover.

Boy Beats Boy

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Certainly seems like Boy Beats Boy would be a more apt title for this book than Boy Meets Boy.

Boy Meets Boy

He was too gay for his own good!

What could that have meant?

The Sucking Mask

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Blow Job Mask

I remember seeing a plastic gay man’s head (Castro Clone look) for sale on a sex toy site. It struck me as one of the least sexually appealing sex toys I’d ever seen.

The Sucking Mask.

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