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The Half-World of the American Homosexual

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Perhaps The Half-World of the American Homosexual was well-intentioned. But it reflects the image of American gay men as scarf-wearing males with feminine lips. (I prefer guys who look like that but know they are a tiny minority.)

The half-World of the American Homosexual.

What is your most hated gay cliché, queer stereotype: cultural homophobia.

Cast a Wistful Eye

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Cast a Wistful Eye looks like it might be either a historical or fantasy gay novel.

Cast a Wistful Eye

Boys, Drugs and Sex

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Boys, Drugs and Sex - all you need. Well, I guess you might want some food as well.

Boys, Drugs and Sex.

House of Male Order

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Homo, House of Male Order looks like the title should be Homo On the Range.

Homo, House of Male Order.

Hot Pants Homo

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Hot Pants Homo by Percy Fenster (!) is the tale a of a virile jazz musician who discovers his bisexuality.

Hot Pants Homo by Percy Fenster.

School Master

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This cover of Larry Townsend’s School Master is probably my favorite cover of a Townsend book.

Larry Townsend, School Master.

Master Rides Slave

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BDSM human pony play can be pretty hot.

Baddass  Boys Frederick Raborg

Master and Slave in the Woods

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What a nice way to spend a summer afternoon.

Gay Master with Slave in the Woods.

Little Boy Lavender

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Little Boy Lavender:

He was the darling of muscle beach.

Little Boy Lavender Julian Marks

Wandering in Twilight

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Wandering in Twilight sounds as if it was one of those ugly novels of gay misery and homophobia.

Hand had found him. Mel had been sexually assaulted by the sailor. And he lay suffering from the onslaught.

Wandering In Twilight Ray Douglas

Godly Sodomy

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Holy Homosexuality

Did Ted Haggard read any of these books?

An unusual form of repentance is practiced in the church in Hung Father.

Hung Father Lambert Wilhelm

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