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The Gay Rebels

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An old queer novel about “Fire Island and Their Gay Muscle Boys.” Were The Gay Rebels queer juvenile delinquents? Cover art by Eric Stanton.

The Gay Rebels, Eric Stanton cover art.

Two Asian Guys Hug

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Knowledge of the language isn’t needed. Seeing two men in a loving embrace is always beautiful.

Two Asian Gay Males Hugging.

Playgirl Magazine's First Issue


My apologies. The Playgirl magazine number one I featured in an earlier note wasn’t the publication that I thought it was. Here’s the cover of the first issue of the famous and recently deceased Playgirl:

Playgirl Magazine, Volume One, Number One

Whipped & Creamed

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For some reason when I see this old gay bondage cover I keep feeling like it is taking place at the circus.

Whipped & Creamed, gay BDSM paperback.

The Satin Prince

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The Satin Prince:

The gripping story of a strong man trapped by his own weaknesses.

The Satin Prince, Lee Weeks.

Probably a work of transvestite fiction. Whether gay male or feminization/sissyfication is impossible to say from the cover.

Shocking. Brutally Frank

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Throttle #1.

Throttle #1

Leather Look

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In 1978 the fourth issue of Mandate looked at the leather scene of the day.

Mandate 4, 1978, Leather Scene

Physique Pictorial Recreated

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Out magazines latest swimsuit issue brought to mind this bit of Physique Pictorial nostalgia by Harry Bush:

Physique Pictorial Recreation (24K)

Retro Physique Pictorial

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Retro Physique Pictorial:

Retro Physique Pictoral Photograph

From Out’s 2009 Swimsuit Issue.

Twilight Men

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Perhaps the now abandoned association of gay male sexuality with the word twilight began with AndrĂ© Tellier’s novel, Twilight Men. For such an uncommon work of gay prose fiction by a forgotten author the book saw a few editions.

Most recently, academic reprint house Greenberg.

Twilight Men Greenberg Rerprint

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