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Lavender Cage

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Hal Webb’s Lavender Cage claims to be the story of:

A novel of a kept Adonis who couldn’t be faithful to anyone.

Hal Webb's Lavender Cage

Kept Boy

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My gay uncle Carlyle was a kept boy by profession for many years.

Interior decorator? Oh, those pesky stereotypes!

Boy kept by gay interior decorator.

David Kneeling

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I don’t know anything about David but I know that I like blond guys on their knees.

Blond male kneeling

Half World

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Drag fags? Half world = half man? Are these guys fighting or getting ready for sodomy?

A look inside the world of the male homosexual: half-husbands, career queens, drag fags, the male impersonator, butches and femmes.

Half World by Joe D. Bowie

Sometimes I see the cover of one of these old paperbacks and think I’d like to read it. Probably not really.

Fizeek Art Quarterly

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An exceptionally attractive cover:

Fizeek Art Quarterly Cover

Leather Ad Volume 2

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This is the first time I’ve seen one of these Larry Townsend Leather Ad books that didn’t look self-published.

Larry Townsend's Leather Ad Volume 2

Larry Townsend was a saint of sorts.

Ten Inches

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The stereotype persists that a big dick is is every gay man’s ultimate quest. I wouldn’t know what to do with anything that long myself (and small cocks are cute).

Ten-Inch Stud by Eric Thomas

Walk the Gay Night

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They say:

This lusty marine was equally turned on by men and women —- with devastating results!

So the character is a vigorous bisexual marine but …

Walk the Gay Night

… the cover has the curly hair and painted lips once common in depictions of gay men. The permed hairdo surivives to this day in the character Mark St. James on Ugly Betty.

Cherchez la Femme ... in Drag

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Eric Stanton did lots of feminization illustration for the heterosexual fetish market.

Cherchez la Femme ... in Drag

When he drew this he may have intended for it to be of a transvestite dominatrix. Or it may have been an inventory drawing of a woman that an editor transformed by simple adding ” … in drag.”

Feminization and Sissyfication

Boy Play

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This old gay magazine certainly has an interesting cover.

Boy Play

Lavender Lads

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I quite like lavender and kindred colors. And I’ve quite liked many a lavender lad.

A plush resort that catered to all male guests obsessed with male spanking, peeping and odd erotic delights.

Lavender Lads

Spanking can be fun. Peeping isn’t one of my pleasures. But there are other “odd erotic delights” to be pursued for sure.


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Hermaphroditic? - Intersexual? - person assigned the male gender by surgery after birth.

Jordan Park is a pseudonym used by the science fiction writing team of Fred Pohl and Cyril Kornbluth.

Half by Jordan Park

Infant gender surgery has been exposed only in recent years.

A Few of the Boys

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Dave liked girls until he tried a few of the boys. Did he decide he was bisexual or turn completely queer?

Carl Branch's A Few of the Boys

The fear that they may have this hidden potential certainly drives much heterosexual male homophobia.

To Make A Homo

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Ed Wood is best known as the director of Plan 9 from Outer Space and Glenn or Glenda. I knew of his transvestite novels like Killer in Drag but not purely queer fiction like this.

Edward D. Wood, Jr.s To Make a Homo

See How Do You Make Someone Gay?

The Devil is Gay

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Queer Theology

The Devil is Gay

Does this mean that Satan is cheerful? I can easily believe that: he’s not a Baptist. Perhaps this cover means “the devil is so” gay in the unflattering way kids use the word. I’d say it simply means that Satan is queer but what is that woman doing there? She doesn’t look like a Christian missionary or angel trying to save the soul of guy on the bed.

Some say Satan Was a Lesbian

Guys in Gowns

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Female mimics is an interesting term. Don’t think I’ve encountered it before.

How many closeted crossdressers wished they dared do this back when this was originally published. And - sadly - too many still today. Even some gay men act as if crossing gender lines is some sort of moral crime.

Transvestites wearing gowns

Best of possible lives to crossdressers and transpersons everywhere.

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