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Whipping in the Barn?

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Gay male barn whipping cover art

The dark haired top appears to have a belt or strap in his hand. And the blonde bottom seems happily anticipating a whipping. Believable enough.

But the bottom isn’t properly positioned. Not that the artist or publisher would care.

Eye color hardly seems relevant.

Hitch-hiking Hunk

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Young hitchhiker with erection

Back when I was young an involuntary morning erection prompted a man to offer me a ride.

I was waiting for a bus but being open to novel situations accepted his offer.

He was much older, a couple of generations back in gay sexuality. It wasn’t his age per se that troubled me. He had this nervous, turgid way of talking about sexual desire that made me just want to get away from him.

Vintage Androgyny

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The Pervertis


Looks like late 19th century French androgyny.

Mr Ballerina

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Mr. Ballerina cover

I know nothing about the book. But given my affectional orientation simply combining two different genders in the title causes it to appeal to me.

Twink Superhero

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Twink superhero

Cute superhero

Yeah, I know there was no homoerotic intent. But the first time I saw one of Raboy’s drawings of Jr. I felt a thrill that I wouldn’t understand for a few years.

Meat Rack Studs

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Spade Classics: Meat Rack Studs

The blonde bottom has a very girlish face so the cover of Meat Rack Studs hits at least one of my buttons. His seeming indifference to what he is about to experience is chillingly true to life.

I really wish I’d played up my own bad boy qualities when young.

Homophile Fiction

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Flaming Suckers Homophile Fiction

I’ve never really managed to decide if I wish the word homophile had managed to survive.

“Same liking” is a good point to make. Sexual and affectional orientations aren’t always identical. But homophile seems such a timid word.

It also invests the book with a touch of sincerity. But The Flaming Suckers is hardly queer friendly. The author and editor/publisher may have had different goals.

Is that bit of furniture supposed to be the closet the man is living in?

TV Hostage

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TV Hostage novel

Well, the arrangement of flowers in his hair is a nice touch, sort of.

TV Hostage makes me a bit uncomfortable. I suspect the guy is a prisoner of war or hostage who is being humiliated by sissyfication.

Admittedly that excites many transvestites. But transpeople always evoke affection in me, not an urge to degrade.

And a nice phone dominatrix I know thinks the cover is wonderful.

Snooty Cutie

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Early gay Bachelor Magazine

Looks like some early 20th century snobbish gay man.

Perhaps Bachelor was an a precursor to After Dark. When I looked - years ago - nothing was to be found.

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