Boys of Summer

Queer Paperbacks

Boy of Summer

Craig Esposito’s cover art shows to muscular gay young men embracing on a beach.

Craig Esposito's drawing of two muscular boys on the beach

Gym Dominators

Queer Paperbacks

Gym Dominators (Joack Studs) Gay sex in the health club with perhaps light dominance and submission. Cover art by Craig Esposito.


Hard Hat Nights

Queer Paperbacks

Hard Hat Night (Rough Trade)

Craig Esposito’s cover art for a gay erotic novel set in the construction industry.

Craig Esposito's cover for Hard Hat Night.

Muscle Worship & Foot Fetish

Vintage Gay Male Art

A muscle man poses while his worshiper kisses and licks his feet.


Dirty Jock Strap Sniffer

Vintage Gay Male Art

A very butch, muscular man inhales the aroma of a stranger’s used jockstrap whil a younger man secretly observes him.


Craig Esposito art.

Crimebuster Meets He She

Gender Outlaws

This would’ve appeared in an issue of Boy Comics. A comic book that I used to collect. I never had this issue and now that I see this splash I sure wish I had.

Charles Biro who oeversaw Boy Comics when from being ond othe most lurid men in comics to one of the most wholesome. A position he seemed happy with.

But in those damnable days there was zero tolerance for atypical gender. I have no idea how Biro would’ve presented this story of an ambiguous, harshly androgynous criminal.

Criminal Transvestite

Glamour Guy


Glamour Guy, She-Male Magazine, Volume 1, Number 2

Glamour guy is an appealingly androgynous name for a transvestism magazine.

Glamour Guy She Male

Femme Images


Femme Images a British transvestite photo fantasy magazine.

Transvestite Femme Images

Transvestites in Love


TVs in Love, crossdresser romance fantasies.

Transvestites in Love

Bisexual Transvestites


Bi-Sexual TVs Magazine

I like the affectionate feeling of the cover photograph.

Bisexual Transvestites

Death of a Transvestite Hooker


Death of a Transvestite Hooker, Ed D. Wood, Jr.

Wood is best remembered for Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Death of a Transvestite Hooker Ed D Wood Jr

Comic Book Tranvestite


I assume the Al Hartley cover actually appeared but the logo has been changed.

From a Patsy Walker or similar Atlas girl’s comic book.

Comic Book Transvestite

Transvestite Model (Transvestia)


The presentation of transvestism is problematic for me.

Too often sexploitation used an image of a woman and added the word transvestite. Not that rendering males as attractive - since that is what readers would want to see - faux females isn’t something artists generally know how to do.

I’m not fond of chicks with dicks photographs. There’s nothing wrong with it aesthetically. But those images are generally used exploitatively. And crossdressers mostly want to present femaleness successfully. (None of that applies to the rare person who wants to present as hermaphroditic.

Transvestite Model Penis Photograph

Sex Change and Dress Deviation


Sex Change and Dress Deviation, Gilbert Oakley

A book - I don’t know if legitimate or exploitative on transvestites and transsexuals.

Sex Change Dress Deviation

Transvestite Marriages


Transvestite Marriage 4 and 6

Transvestite Marriage 4

Transvestite Marriage 6

Petticoat Parade


Petticoat Parade, Featuring America’s Foremost Female Impersonators

Photo from the costume ball.

Petticoat Parade Draqqueen Ball

Female Impersonators at Play


Lavender and Lace: Female Impersonators … at Play

Vintage photographs of transvestites en femme.

Female Impersonators Lavender Lace

All Shades of Gay

Queer Paperbacks

All Shades of Gay

All? At least dark and hairy and blonde and smooth.

All Kinds of Gay Men

Lavender Lover, Velvet Voice

Queerly Lavender

Charlie Darling, Aaron Thomas

Sounds like Charlie was a closeted gay pop singer.

Gay Pop Singer Fiction

Queen's Fury

Queer Paperbacks

A Queen’s Fury, Aaron Thomas

A trashy novel of same sex jealousy perhaps.

What is the man going to do with that model airplane?

Queen's -Fury Gay Male Jealousy)

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